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  1. Hi chaps, just a quick message to note that I have updated the app to the latest version and I can see now analytics on mobile. I am on Android.
  2. It is the first line of your message , I don't need to filter anything , you said clearly "virus hoax" full stop. I just want people to understand what has always been your point, then they can read your reports based on memes with a clear perspective.
  3. Casey, dear. You need to read carefully , there it is . You telling people that the virus is a hoax.
  4. I am going to reply every single time with this search. https://community.ig.com/search/?&q=hoax played&search_and_or=or Then people can see what you have said in the past. I will use it from now on as a footer on this thread. I will not have to add anything to it, your words are there.
  5. I do read everything you post, that is the problem, that I read it, then I realise how easy you can change your narrative depending on how you wake up that day. One of the nice features of this forum is the ability to search on keywords, for example "hoax" and "played". You are the star in the result, a pure rock star. There you see how many times you have told us that the "great reset" is about to begin , followed by cooked news on the virus that play us into a Davos' conspiracy. For the rest of the readers below is the search, they just need to scroll down and see how man
  6. I didn't know that you consider yourself a doctor. I am confused, you have been telling us that the virus is a hoax for months and we were being played by the news, and now you are advising people to isolate if they see their temperature is high? You contradict yourself, again.
  7. Hi, thank you for bringing the topic , I personally didn't know about this type of asset class. I googled a bit and found the basics about ETPs. They seem to be very interesting but also oriented to professionals as some of them might not be regulated by the FCA as per link below: https://www.fca.org.uk/consumers/exchange-traded-products Could you recommend any book on the subject that we could read? Also is there any list of pros and cons against the usual share dealing, CFDs and Spread Betting accounts that we could point to?
  8. It is ok, we understand your usual technique of replying multiple times to move away posts that are against your narrative from the main page. That's ok, we'll dig between memes for actual reports. Keep guarding the thread, a reply might come at any time...
  9. I am just adding of bit of reliable data for anyone that wanted to read it. It is interesting that you are replying almost instantly with your usual messages, I can tell that you haven't even tried to read the article.
  10. https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/geographical-distribution-2019-ncov-cases
  11. I just thought that after replying to yourself you would need a bit of help to get to a healthy state. Replying to another human being , in this case me, will help. You can carry on now, there are plenty of memes to copy from twitter.
  12. Do you reply to yourself? No wonder why you keep posting nonsense on this thread.
  13. Check the market info. There you have the usual position size range and the margin required. If you are betting more than 2250 per point the margin required gets quite big. I guess they consider a bet, of that amount per point, big enough to start limiting it. You will have to check that limit per market. They will probably change for less liquid markets.
  14. jlz


    Hi, what's your preferred language? There are a few pythoners around. I am a csharper.
  15. jlz


  16. Second waves are always worse in pandemics, if not lethal. A virus needs to spread as much as possible to survive without being noticed so it needs to decrease its lethality to be able to infect more hosts. A second wave is normally a mutation of the initial virus that has been resident in some weak individuals. That mutation is normally more effective in killing the host. You can find a good example in the algorithm of the game Plague Inc. You can beat it almost every time if you decrease the lethality at the beginning and prepare mutations on subsequent waves. The America
  17. A bit of fuel for your conspiranoia. MS is vaccinating people in London. Bill Gates is starting to deploy his microchips! https://www.forbes.com/sites/saibala/2021/12/31/microsoft-is-using-its-tech-expertise-to-help-covid-19-vaccine-distribution-efforts/?sh=43fc3fe32e7f I was told Mr Doors is a big fun of the Kingsman films, he must have taken ideas from there. The end is near.
  18. I can tell that you haven't even tried to read the article, sources are there and are independent, some are oficial and some are private. I know that you are not interested in following a narrative that challenges your Twitter memes but there it is. Like many things I post on this thread it is for everyone to read it. You choose to not to read it and critise it. But never forget that there is more people reading it and some are actually going to try to understand it. You are just another point of view, a wrong one from my understanding.
  19. Hopefully Google Chrome will be able to translate it properly for you guys. Below is a full report of 2020 in Spain. Sadly it has been the worst year ever in terms of deceases, mainly because of COvID-19. https://www.eldiario.es/sociedad/muertes-semana-dispara-mortalidad-coronavirus-12-enero_1_5959361.html This newspaper is famous for its impartiality as it is backed by subscribers and do not receive funds from any political party, so their reports and opinions do not seek to make a political statement. It's pure data analysis.
  20. They claim that vaccines will contain a DNA chip that will allow Bill Gates to control us like minions. Seriously, I am not making it up. You won't get controlled if you don't get vaccinated. Also don't forget to use cryptocurrencies, banks are involved. Check the clown's messages, it is hilarious.
  21. In case someone wants to read it: https://www.kcl.ac.uk/investigating-the-most-convincing-covid-19-conspiracy-theories
  22. For a moment I thought, what happened to this guy's English? And then I realised that you would have tried to translate the text with a translator. That is the text that comes out of Google Translate. Well we can tell something else , they still need to improve their engine to make the language more natural, when they try to translate a native text the translation in English gets a bit weird. Either way the point was to prove again that Mr Casey is quick to judge and make comments on things he doesn't know .i.e my nationality. What could come next? That Davos is behind a Great R
  23. What it is interesting is that regardless the country they are from, they point to the very same topic: global government control. That topic is well studied in psychology. I posted a few links before, hoping that they would read it, but it made the opposite effect. They attacked me calling me "sheep" , "naive" , "played" like if they had some kind of universal knowledge that a new order is coming to rule us all. I happen to read comments everyday in 3 languages and regardless where they are coming from they point to the same topics when it comes to this new order that will sub
  24. Let me copy the questions again, so you don't get lost in anger. Why would governments that are even in the middle of a war would adopt the same policies in a global pandemic? Don't you see the same patterns coming from the authorities all over the world? Are they all working together to control us? How can governments that are not able to agree on very basic things suddenly adopt the same policies in every single land and language? Can you give me a date of when that great control will happen? Let's get specific to the details. You don't have to insult, we all can have a r
  25. Casey no te aventures a criticar lo que no sabes, porque puede que te pase lo que os pasa a muchos de vosotros, que de repente no encontr√°is a alguien que os puede dejar en evidencia. Tranquilo, que los que leen el foro saben que tienes tendencia a confabular y crear opiniones basadas en fuentes de extrema derecha.
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