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  1. Day trading is one of the most intensive and time consuming ways of trading. If you have to spend your time on a daily job I wouldn´t recommend that path for you. There are other ways of making a transition from your job to a full time trading desk. Maybe taking a slower approach that would require checking your platform once or twice a day would be better. I also have a full time job and I don´t consider day trading for the effort that I have to make to get it done. I don´t think I would be able to make it.
  2. The ones that are successful trade in a very specific way: - Scan for markets daily to pick opportunities. They don't trade the same market everyday. Normally to spot sideways markets that are reaching ranges so they can catch a reversal. - Trade only at specific hours, i.e when markets open around the world: 8 am, 3 pm , 10pm. Mainly looking for best price action. - Open both sides of the trade using pairs trading. They aim to catch a trend in the opening sacrificing one of the sides. - Ignore indicators. There's too much noise intraday to get a meaningful signal.
  3. yes we can, but I am not sure why you are asking me? I never posted a meme.
  4. ok I just wanted to leave the url there so people can check data for themselves and don't fall into your propaganda. I am going to let you continue with your memes. Don't mind me.
  5. If you look at the url itself: https://worldpopulationreview.com/state-rankings/number-of-registered-voters-by-state You can see how there isn't any column labeled %Turnout. Your picture is not only fake, it is cooked to spot people that don't check any data behind it. Also the registered column doesn't match with what the website is showing.
  6. Why would you create a pdf when you can just share the 'trading analytics' that are provided with the live account? You also can export your trades to a CSV file and share it as well. That will show times, markets, sides and sizes. Even better you could record a video that shows your performance for the whole year and we can see if you just weren't lucky for a few weeks. I don't see the point of creating a GitHub repo where you can cook your own pdfs to look amazing.
  7. https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/covid-19/situation-updates/weekly-maps-coordinated-restriction-free-movement
  8. What is stopping you to try the live account? I would have gone for it ages ago if I had that knowledge.
  9. Kodiak answered the question a while ago. https://community.ig.com/forums/topic/8056-closing-a-position-after-a-futures-expiry-date/
  10. Hi @u0362565 , I was looking into how the DFB value is exactly calculated and landed on this link: https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/fees-and-charges/why-is-overnight-funding-charged-and-how-is-it-calculated- Looking at the current spread for the UK index: FTSE 100 : 2 FTSE 100 Futures : 4 The nightly DFB amount would be close to the initial size per point being a bit cheaper of that would cost initially. Looking at the spread, that is about the double in this market, you would be able to hold a position in the cash market for about 3-
  11. I am going to let you continue with your research based on memes. Don't mind me.
  12. ok, we don't have a name for the theory, that's a shame. Every great theory should have a name so people can remember it. I don't want to spam Casey's scientific research on this thread so I am just going to leave here this link in case people want to follow someone educated on the subject. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdvoe0j4Hjw We should go back to the main topic of this thread: - How governments are playing us into a non-existent pandemic by forcing us to wear a 1£ mask. How they cook charts and colorful graphs to show us a non-existent danger. - How corporation
  13. How do you call that theory, does it have a name we can refer to?
  14. It wasn't for you, I know you are not going to read it. It was for everyone else that reads this post so they can understand the psychology behind conspiracy theories. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/insight-therapy/202004/true-false-believers-the-psychology-conspiracy-theories It is worth knowing what is behind the mind of someone that claims to have some kind of "special" information that no one sees.
  15. That article is not about Fauci, there is more land outside the United States.
  16. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/insight-therapy/202004/true-false-believers-the-psychology-conspiracy-theories
  17. yes, and also I don't have any activity to show on my profile. I checked a few or the regulars and it seems that they have wiped out everyone. Your profile seems to have some content, they like you Well, I am glad that I kept my notes on my local hard drive.
  18. It's me who has to apologise because I set up those amounts just by clicking on the "add funds" button, since they are a rounded number I thought the joke was going to be pretty easily spotted. But looking at your answer you really thought that I made 20 million with my demo account, sorry not even close. What I can tell is that your account is made out of trades, because you can't add funds to the demo account on top of 10 million (which is what I did). And that is really impressive. It is that impressive that I started looking at the Oil market (picking from your words) to see if I could u
  19. Amazing, look at mine! Just made it to have 20 million. I deserve 2nd place at least.
  20. Would you share a record of your trades with that demo account? Words don´t mean much if they are not backed up with data. It is impressive that you reached 215 million. I am ready to bow down and kneel to you, but I need some kind of a prove that you are not just another bored big-mouthy trader. We have many of them already.
  21. Good paper, the other day I came across this link that is worth sharing as well. https://www.ecb.europa.eu/euro/html/digitaleuro.en.html The digital currency should be real in about two years counting from 2021. Bahamas has just released their digital currency to their citizens and they can now operate with it. China is also testing their digital yuan in Shenzhen so I see it being live in a few months as well. One point that I think is blocked is that I don't see a public bank being created anytime soon. Many European countries have been asking for a public finance sector that c
  22. They are free to use it that way if they wish so, No problem. You are the one that is calling others hot-head.
  23. It is posted already , you are posting in the wrong post. This post is just nonsense from beginning to the end. Check my profile , you will see it there
  24. If you know about Javascript just review the code and you will see that is completely harmless. If you see any danger on it you have seen too many hacker movies. Someone that does know about Javascript does not write a post like you do, they simply check the code and know what is doing.
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