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  1. don't you have the Expiry drop-down there? ISA Spreadbet
  2. @HMB This is how I see the forum https://streamable.com/wv7gej Those insults that are coming my way are hidden. I don't see them at all.
  3. That is why I wrote the Javascript script I posted the other day. I don't see his posts. I went to look for the post just to see the insults and, yes, they are quite low, even for him. This forum doesn't have the option to ignore a user completely. On other forums when you ignore a user that person dissapears but on this one you still see the user unfortunately. They can tag you and make you read their nonsense. The main reason why he is insulting me is because I exposed him. I exposed his b*llshit so clearly that he can't cover it up. As a result he is only not insulting me but ever
  4. Martingalers at it again, what could go wrong? Listen to HMB and THT, their words are coming from experience.
  5. More than 10M users hacked! All of them by me! I never thought this thing was going to turn that funny
  6. Anyone that knows a little bit of JavaScript can see that the script is just going through the DOM images and hides the section that are included into. "keystrokes" "hacking" You are funny after all.
  7. It is a c# script, the Visual Studio project is at https://github.com/oneangrytrader/backtesting/tree/master/BackTester The "New Moon" strategy tester is at https://github.com/oneangrytrader/backtesting/blob/master/BackTester/Strategy/NewMoonStrategy.cs
  8. The forum has an option to ignore users but unfortunately it doesn't remove them from the grid. It just blanks their content creating a weird state where you still see the user but you can't see what they are posting. I created a small script that you can add to your browser with the TamperMonkey extension. This extension is very famous among IT fellows in order to remove users from their feeds. It is widely used on Facebook. Attention seekers are completely ignored after installing it. Chrome extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tampermonkey/dhdgffkkebhmkfjojej
  9. Read the post again, it is easy to understand
  10. His buddy DSchenk is doing the hard work with some examples and proper analysis. I hope he is making notes there.
  11. In my opinion you can take fundamentals to make a starting point, but that is really it, there is no more than that. After that starting point everything is down to risk management. In some of your examples you mentioned sentences like : - Company is not profitable - "About to go down" Those would be clear places on where to start. You can justify yourself with some indicators as well just for the sake of excusing an entry point, but I would never enter full size on any trade, because that would mean that you are 100% correct on your analysis, and that is never the case. You sim
  12. That is what I thought until I saw that the best students join the company and trade with their funds, that made me think something else. Still can't support them because I have no idea of what they do. It is easy to think that if they had a method that is working , why would they teach it to people instead of using it themselves? Yeah, your point is valid.
  13. These guys claim to have a method that is strongly based on fundamentals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_jCCnr85pc If you watch their videos their don't trade any time-frame smaller than the daily ticker. They go through company reports, forex driving macros, macro economics news and so on. Many people call them a fraud but they seem to be running the business for a long time. Who knows, maybe they are an example of how to do it. They are all pros with a long trading career, maybe what it takes to make fundamentals to work is to get hit and fail during years to understand the
  14. https://www.investopedia.com/modern-monetary-theory-mmt-4588060 Maybe fundamentals worked before 2009 but since some countries are allowed to print money and bypass inflation there is cash flow that is no longer tracked. If that country decides to help a certain company for a very random reason your reports will not make any sense. Pretty much like the US Federal Reserve is doing with the Credit market right now. You would expect that in a global pandemic everything should fall apart but, on the contrary, you are seeing an unprecedented cash flow raising all indices. Now try to use a
  15. I just came to change my avatar, so you don't put yourself in evidence calling me Swedish again. Come on Detective, I am ruling a country out of your list, which one are you going to insult next?
  16. The more I look at those comments the more they look like posts coming from a forum booster. No one would spend that much on a site posting like that, not even a mad one.
  17. Every programming language has a core method to convert datetimes to local times. Python: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4770297/convert-utc-datetime-string-to-local-datetime c#: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/system.timezoneinfo.converttimefromutc?view=netcore-3.1 You don't have to deal with time zones yourself.
  18. Vi har kommit överens om att du är forumets bröd och smör. Jag kan inte sluta prata med dig, vi älskar dig på ett sätt
  19. How was that about that you are shy in real life? That kind of cute victimism that you pulled out from one of your multiple personalities Are you back at insulting like a caveman again?
  20. The never ending battle about a pseudo attempt to build an independent way of transacting goods. Let's not forget that every single bitcoin user gives that useless token its value in the so hated fiat currency that their country impose on them. They get so happy when bitcoin raises in, let's pay attention here, dollars or pounds. Still they will defend bitcoin like they were living in some kind of cyberpunk era where flying cars and micro-transactions would get them closer to feeling like a blade runner. It is a scam for the very simple fact that a SHA-256 hash doesn't equal to
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