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  1. Of late IG has been having some problems with the trading platforms due to what I'm sure is incredible demand. As much as I would love to see the problems not exist in the first place, the bigger issue is that we aren't informed when they are happening so left trying to work out a problem that isn't on our end. The chrome based platform has the notifications section next to the tweets and I think it would be helpful if notifications/alerts were sent out when issues were occurring, along with a notice on the main page and login page. Even if the problems are not happening for all users at the time, knowing the system is struggling would help us prepare. It would also stop us from getting massively frustrated trying to work out what is going on.
  2. I received the same email about the charts not working due to excessive demand and think it's simply not good enough for a company responsible for so much money. Seem to have charts not updating properly today unless I refresh the browser, but might just be incredibly slow trading..? The question I have is why don't they at least send out a system wide notification that they are experiencing problems instead of us being left pulling our hair out while the market is violently moving and we either can't log in or cant access indicators?
  3. Having the same issues. Got kicked out just as a large trend reversal was starting, then couldn't log back in and then when I finally could I lost all my indicators. The charts are broken, wont keep settings and are highly frustrating. So not what I need to be in a trading mindset. Utterly disappointed with IG, though it's not like it's the first time they have disappointed me.
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