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  1. Hello guys i used work with another broker which they let you change your Leverage on Forex to 100x but however on ig it seems that it is not possible, anybody knows why ? or is there a way we can request a change to our account leverage?
  2. I opened Account with IG about a week ago and there is a link to the Live chat but it doesnt work, in my opinion they have removed it to only email and phone call, But the best way is for you to go to Twitter and leave DM to "IG Client Help". they will reply fast.
  3. You should email to helpdesk.en@ig.com or go to IG client Help on Twitter and leave a dm for them, they replied fast. Calling them is waste of time, i tried it for 5 days in a row, morning and night, waiting for like 1 hour behind the phone and they keep saying we will be with you shortly, But note that it was cuz of the issue with the mt4 and now they have solved it so probably now they are more responsive. Cheers
  4. Best way is to massage them to there IG Client Help on Twitter. They were responsive but anyway if you had issue with MT4 which i had for the whole past week, it is solved now.
  5. I am facing several issue with my account and i am trying to call and email the ig support team but none of them reply up until this moment.
  6. i transfered my fund from CFD to MT4 few days ago with no problem but now i can't transfer it back and it says Insuffient balance while i can see i have 1k Available there. i can't even find my account balance on the mt4 app. anybody else facing this issue?
  7. i transferred my fund from CFD account to my IG MT4 CFD but everytime i log in to my MT4 platform it shows my balance zero but when i go to my IG account i can see i have available balance. what should i do? i tried calling IG customer service AU but no answer.
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