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  1. IG: some folks are losing money here because of your platform's very poor technical quality. Would be great to hear how are you going to address this. Other folks: as workaround looks like opening directly https://deal.ig.com/wtp solves it.
  2. https://www.ig.com/uk/myig/dashboard has been showing this (attachment below) for over 30mins. I can log into the trading platform but not into the spread betting platform How is one supposed to open new trades and, more importantly, close opened ones? This is the 4th different major technical bug I experience in a week. This is far from being acceptable for a trading platform. (Text content of the screenshot for search/indexing) --- Sorry, something went wrong. Go to the trading platform Try to load MyIG --- Meanwhile https://status.ig.com reports lies:
  3. I tried enabling chart-dealing on the Android app. Unless I am doing something dumb, it seems to have some serious bug: when I click on "Sell" the stop and limit margins are swapped w.r.t. what I see on the chart. See the attached screenshot: Stop was 599.5, Limit was 130. For a sell I'd expect the Red area on the chart "the one that says 'Stop'" to be 4.6x taller than Limit area. This is consistently broken on Android. On the web platform works as expected. Android version: 10 IG Trading app version: 3.25.1
  4. See attached screenshot. Problem: After a morning of normal operations, the Spread Betting platform started failing consistently with a "STOP TOO CLOSE" error. I haven't been able to operate for a couple of hours. On any type of deal (sell or buy) I got the error below. In the screenshot the minimum stop was 12pt, my stop was 35 (35 >> 12). Even larger stops would fail in the same way. I tried for several hours, tried reloading the browser. Eventually this morning after this stopped happening. How can I avoid this in future?