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  1. To be fair, it's nothing to do with IG - for whatever reason those instruments do not not meet HMRC rules to be included in an ISA, and so it doesn't matter who the ISA provider is. There are a lot of stocks/ETFs that are simply ineligible for inclusion in ISAs
  2. Not sure what you were looking at, but I've just looked at the price of Alliance Pharma on IG and it's 94.5p - you're not getting it mixed up with the commission charge by any chance?
  3. You will be able to add more funds to the existing ISA. However you will only be able to do this once the new ISA year begins (6th April I think) as you have already used all of your allocation for this (tax) year.
  4. As detailed in the link below, the custody charge is per client rather than per account, so there shouldn't be multiple charges. The fee is also offset by any trades you make during a quarter. If you make three deals (from any of your accounts) in a quarter, then the custody fee is waived entirely. https://community.ig.com/forums/topic/3398-uk-share-dealing-and-isa-custody-fee/
  5. IG doesn't have that functionality. All your trades will be in the history which can be downloaded as a CSV and, with a bit of work, sorted to give the separate trades for each share. The other option is to maintain a record of your trades on the fly in a separate portfolio management tool.
  6. Would be nice, but I can't see it happening. To be honest, I would be happy to just have a say over whether a broker can pimp my shares around. Ultimately, I guess the argument is that the fee the broker gets from lending clients' shares out offsets the commission the clients' are charged, so they are indeed indirectly paid from the process. The whole thing stinks though.
  7. https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/accounts-and-statements/my-accounts/how-does-a-demo-account-differ-from-a-live-account#:~:text=Trades made through the demo,grounds of size or price 'Trades made through the demo account will not be subject to slippage, interest and dividend adjustments, or out-of-hours price movements'
  8. Buying and selling are counted as separate transactions - so you would be looking at three transactions of any type (so £30) to qualify for the zero commission on US stocks. However, bear in mind that there is also a 0.5% fee for currency conversion which will always apply ('free' is rarely ever truly free). I can't comment on CFDs as I personally don't touch them.
  9. To be honest, if you look around some of the other paid brokers, you'll find IG is probably one of the cheapest out there in terms of both commissions and custody charges. It might be worth having a look at some of the free providers to see if they might be a better fit - I had a brief look around recently and Freetrade looked interesting (though I haven't actually tried it, so I can't comment on whether it is any good or not).
  10. Not sure in that case - the share dealing account should be there as a separate option. You might have to contact customer service about it - if you can get hold of them. Maybe they've stopped accepting new accounts - I think they put a temporary block on new accounts after the GME shenanigans, but I thought it had been lifted.
  11. Probably also depends on the type of account being opened - share dealing accounts are likely to have a lower entry criteria (whatever it may be) as you are funding all purchases yourself, rather than using leverage with a CFD/SB account.
  12. Not as far as I am aware - as stated in the addendum on the charges & commissions page, if you forego the automatic currency conversion by changing the base currency of your share trading account, you will also lose the zero commission and will instead be charged as stated (i.e. Clients who choose to convert currencies manually will pay commission of 2 cents per share with a minimum charge of $15 on US stocks). Also, bear in mind the only currency HMRC will permit you to hold in an ISA is GBP, so if you want to change the base currency of the account from GBP, the account cannot have an IS
  13. Almost makes one question what could we possibly have to make sure that clients' funds are held separately so they cannot be used for things like business expenses. I dunno, I know it's a radical idea, but something almost like an independent body that oversees these firms to make sure that no financial chicanery is going on...
  14. Can't say I've used any of the free brokers, but I did look at Freetrade recently with a view to trying them out at some point in time, and I'm pretty sure that they don't offer a demo account. However, they do offer fractional shares, and I think their premium (charged) accounts pay 3% interest on cash reserves, which I thought was somewhat unusual. Though to be honest, I rarely have much actual cash sitting in my shares account as I usually reinvest it relatively quickly, so although the idea was attractive, the reality is that it wouldn't be of massive benefit to me.
  15. Sounds good in theory, but always remember to read the small print... From the Commisions and Charges page (under the table of the main costs) Note for multi-currency accounts: The trading fees above apply to clients who opt for the default setting of 'instant currency conversion'. Clients who choose to convert currencies manually will pay commission of 2 cents per share with a minimum charge of $15 on US stocks. Changing your currency conversion settings influences the amount of commission you pay. Our team reviews these changes on a monthly basis, so it may take some time to update
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