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  1. Shrugs. Don't kill the messenger. I suspect a lot of people fund their account with a card, but each to their own.
  2. Withdrawal is paid back to a funding credit/debit card as a refund
  3. 20k of funding. And yes, for most people, in the short term it probably won't save you tax, because you wouldn't be earning enough from the shares to liable for it anyway. However, over the course of 10, 15, 20 years of investment, the story might be very different.
  4. A lot of ETFs are not eligible for putting in an ISA. I think there is a tool somewhere on this site that has a filter to remove those that aren't eligible.
  5. Yes. I believe they are classed as flexible ISAs so the only limitation is that you cannot go over the £20,000 per tax year. And of course you can only have one of them per year.
  6. The ISA is just a wrapper that protects the investments from UK tax. Other than the funding limitation (£20,000 per tax year) and some restriction on the type of ETFs that can be put in an ISA, they are essentially the same thing. IG's ISA page: https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/isa
  7. It's an AIM share that is traded in low volumes, probably for good reason. Low revenue company with high debt. No doubt they are on the verge on producing the next 'big thing'. Probably a cure for the coronavid snuffle. I'm no day trader, but if I were, it wouldn't be my first choice, or probably my millionth choice either for that matter.
  8. I've just tried logging in, and it seems that all my positions are showing at the moment. Though whether or not they stay that way is another question. But yes, the frequency of these 'glitches' lately isn't the best for customer confidence.
  9. Logging in this morning, I found all my positions were missing. Looked again a few minutes ago and most were back, but there were still two missing off the list (UK shares). Whilst I don't doubt that the problem is related to weekly maintenance, and the missing items will be back by Monday, the number of these 'glitches' is somewhat concerning, and doesn't inspire great levels of confidence in their systems. I daresay, the current grand farce may also be contributing to these problems with staffing shortages.
  10. ISA trades count towards share dealing since they are essentially the same thing. Whilst I don't deal in spreadbets, I would say it is unlikely that they would count towards commission/quarterly fee reduction in share trading as the instrument and charging structure is entirely different.
  11. There were some problems earlier this month where the reduction in fees wasn't being correctly applied. Might be worth contacting the helpdesk if you made three trades last month and you are still being charged full price this month.
  12. Not every other month - if you don't maintain three deals a month you will lose the zero commission deal (and don't forgot the 0.5% FEX fee)
  13. I don't think it matters whether you deal in the ISA account or the share account - they both count (as far as I am aware). I only deal in my ISA account at the moment, and can verify that it counts towards the discount
  14. I believe that they would if you specifically request it, but like I say they would almost certainly charge for it. It would probably also depend on the type of account you have. Bear in mind that if you are dealing regularly, then it would be impractical to send out a postal statement every time you made a transaction. Ultimately, it's something you would have to raise with IG if you really want a paper statement - try contacting their helpdesk (email might be best given the current circumstances) rather than wait for an 'official' response on here. Ultimately, you'd likely have to set it up through their helpdesk anyway.
  15. Generally, no. Statements are sent via email. Even if you could convince them to send you paper-based statements, it would almost certainly be charged as an additional service.