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  1. The reduction only applies from the start of the following month. Any deals made beyond the 3 qualifying trades in the same month will still be charged at the standard commission rate.
  2. Might be the 0.5% tax on UK shares (excepting AIM)
  3. Three trades a month will maintain the preferred trading rate (£3 for UK shares, or commission free for US shares). Three trades a month will also cause the quarterly charge to be waived. That said, bear in mind that there is a 0.5% FEX fee involved in dealing US shares. Trying to avoid the FEX fee by changing the base currency of your account will instead incur a dealing charge of 2 cents per share with a minimum charge of $15. So arguably not truly commission free, but then very little ever is in the land of brokers.
  4. Now, now, don't let little things like questions of legality get in the way of delivering all those millions of vaccine doses to the flock. Besides, even if it's not legal, I have no doubt the government will just change the law to get around such a trifling inconvenience.
  5. Although tax compliance is one possible reason that instruments may be barred from trading on an ISA wrapped share account, it isn't the only reason. Some instruments can only be traded by those that IG consider 'professional' clients. Given that this is a leveraged instrument, it is possible that it also falls into this category. Yes, it's all a load of **** since it is purely your own money you are risking, but those are the rules IG has in place. What is a 'professional' client - who the **** knows. You'd have to contact IG to ask if they consider you a 'professional' client, and if not wha
  6. I generally make the minimum number of trades per month to maintain the reduced fees and waive the quarterly charge. I think DRIP has been requested for a good number of years, but I suspect catering for the whims of share dealers/investors isn't very high on IG's list of priorities. Fundamentally, IG is a SB/CFD provider and that is likely where it makes the bulk of its money and thus where it mainly focuses its development (though looking at the forum, I sometimes wonder if it is really developing that side of things all that much either).
  7. Personally, I'd be amazed if the true fatality rate was anywhere close to being that high. I have more fear of dying in a freak exploding teapot accident than popping my clogs to covid. Maybe the government needs to be a bit more stringent in its persuasion.
  8. If you are share trading, you may also want to be aware of the following from the charges & commisions page to save you any nasty shock. *Note for multi-currency accounts: These figures apply to clients who opt for the default setting of 'instant currency conversion'. Clients who choose to convert currencies manually will pay commission of 2 cents per share with a minimum charge of $15 on US stocks.
  9. Ahhh, why am I not surprised - after a brief google, I see it's already a thing: https://www.forbes.com/sites/brucelee/2020/04/27/can-farts-transmit-covid-19-coronavirus-here-is-what-is-being-said/#2bf2ac60310f Stop the world, I really want to get off.
  10. What's the position on farting (apart from bent over with a grimace). These are the serious questions that have to be answered. Do I have to wear an **** mask?
  11. I had an email from IG helpdesk a few weeks back asking if I would be interested in joining their research panel. I think they mentioned that anyone that had opened a position in the last six months was 'on the list'. If you sign up I think every few months they will get in touch regarding 'projects' - could be anything from your experience of using IG, to testing out new products. Later on they mentioned face to face interviews and focus groups when the covid situation allows. It's not really my thing, and to be honest I don't have a lot of spare time at the moment to be bothered with it, but
  12. I guess the next big thing will be the realization that shops, buses, trains etc. actually need a certain volume of paying customers to make a profit and stay in business rather than the slow trickle of an old man's prostrate currently allowed under the distancing measures. I saw someone refused entry to a bus yesterday because it was 'full'. It had four people on it.
  13. Not all ETFs can be traded on an ISA due to taxation rules (beyond the control of IG). There are also some ETFs that are available, but IG will only allow 'professional' clients to trade. Safest bet is to use the tool that screens the ETFs available for trading on an ISA wrapper. https://etfscreener.ig.com/?cols=AssetClass,Currency,NetAssets,PrimaryExchange,ReturnM12&filters=GlobalSector,ISA,LeveragedFund,UCITS&map=null&ISA=Yes&page=1&sortCol=NetAssets&sortDir=-1
  14. Shhhh, I was under the impression that the minimum charge for not using their automatic currency conversion was $15 - at least that's what it says on their charges and commissions page: '*Note for multi-currency accounts: These figures apply to clients who opt for the default setting of 'instant currency conversion'. Clients who choose to convert currencies manually will pay commission of 2 cents per share with a minimum charge of $15 on US stocks.'
  15. Put 'verification' in the forum search box and it will probably give you a multitude of threads that will give an indication. I suspect a week will be highly optimistic. IG's customer service since lockdown seems to be slightly left of woeful - with the reported surge in accounts you might have thought they'd have invested a bit more into it.
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