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  1. Can i buy these on the IG platform
  2. HI I am in the process of loading ATS software into chart, when i right click in the chart the drop down menu doesn't show indicators (which is needed so i can load Licence number into system), also the drop down menu for charts has the indicators shaded out and is not accessible Any fixes for this would be welcomed phil
  3. Is this correct it has taken me four weeks of repeated phone calls and mails to try to sort out loading Autochartist into mt4 charts only to be told that it is no longer supported Poor IG customer service shame on IG really thinking of changing brokers Phil
  4. hi my autochartist when dragged into chart displays no data just a blank window probably just finger trouble can anyone help me cheers Phil
  5. Have been unable to contact IG for the past two weeks need to reset my mt4 platform on iPhone please can someone contact me or ring
  6. i have mt4 on my iphone want to link it to mt mt4 account wont let me do this can anybody help as it is asking for a number password which i dont have or at least i think I don’t thanks phil