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  1. I got this screenshot for another question, but I can use it here too. If API keys was an option it would be in that left menu I think? Must not be available in the US then.
  2. I just joined from Oanda and when trying to move some stuff from their MT4 over to IGs MT4 I seem to not have as much history? I can only get minute data going back maybe a month or so. Is that expected or should I be able to access more history than that? I've got history much further back than that on the Oanda MT4.
  3. I'm reading through the docs on creating an API key, but when it says to find the spot to generate a key in the account settings, I don't know where I'm supposed to find it. In the account settings I'm looking at there is no API key option. I'm a US customer if that matters.
  4. Everything I see says to go to "Trading" -> "ProOrder" should be listed. It is not listed for me. When I go to add indicators or systems to a chart I have the option to backtest, but no option to enable ProOrder on a system. If it matters, I am a US customer.
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