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  1. ID Now is a failure of a service. Although IG is ultimately to blame - we are IG's customers, not ID Now's customers. IG should abandon the ID Now account verification process. It is a disaster.
  2. Is anybody else getting approved? I've used ID Now twice, I've also used the Deutsche Post option for EU customers. I've come to the conclusion that account verification is an imaginary service - you have to imagine that your account will be verified some day. But you also have to accept that it might not be. If you are eventually verified, you have to hope that it happens before you retire from trading. And nobody will ever tell you how long you might be waiting.
  3. Have you been verified yet? I have used ID Now twice - the first time in January, which resulted in my account not being verified for unknown reasons, and then my account and all of my positions being closed. I tried it for the second time a week ago, which has also resulted in nothing so far. Yesterday, I tried the Deutsche Post option for EU clients. It's a disastrous customer service experience. Anybody trying to get their account verified should assume that they will never be verified, and that if they are eventually verified, it will be at some unknown date far in the
  4. ID Now doesn't work. Or at least, that's my experience. Used it twice and nothing happened - account still not verified by IG. Having great customer service isn't easy but IG should probably just give up on offering services that waste the time of everyone involved. For anybody thinking about getting their account verified: don't bother.
  5. I used ID Now to verify my identity, waited nearly a week, nothing happened, then used Deutsche Post yesterday. Still waiting. Did send an email asking how long it would take, the automated reply from Account Opening said that IG are not currently replying to emails. I used ID Now in January too but they apparently never sent the verification to IG. Expect nothing and you won't be disappointed.
  6. I spent 1 hr and 45 minutes on the phone last Friday (1 hr 30 mins waiting for them to answer). A manager was supposed to call me back - they know my issue is urgent - but they haven't called me back yet (Monday night). The problem is that IG transferred their customer transfer process to another company, and that company - or IG itself - has botched my transfer from IG UK to IG Europe (to comply with the post-Brexit landscape). IG are now threatening to close my positions and to close my spread betting account, as they say my account was not transferred by their deadline.
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