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  1. Will this be working for shares dealing too?
  2. Hi @CharlotteIG, Two quick questions on this topic: I guess the same goes for MT4, meaning I could not use it with my share dealing account. Do you know if I can integrate manually to a third party software using APIs? Thanks, Pietro
  3. From the chart below it seems down over 50% compared to pre-lockdown.
  4. Few ideas: Open/close positions from chart Dividend automatic reinvestment Daily P/L Transparency on FX cost when dealing in other currencies in the "History" tab - my account is in £ and when I buy shares in $ I don't see any commission, but I end up paying a variable FX cost. That should be clearly visible, not incorporated in the total transaction amount. Trailing stop loss Ability to reorder watch lists on the left menu Show stop/limit orders on chart Ability to remove sections in the left menu (i.e. not interested in cryptocurrencies)
  5. Hi, I tried to find an answer in the forum but I didn't find an answer: is ProRealTime available for IG share dealing? If not do you plan to add this functionality in the near future? Thanks
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