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  1. Sorry can't help you dex47, I'm lost too just now! Well it had to happen didn't it, we all hate change don't we? I really don't see why IG couldn't run the old and the new platforms, just won't trade until I have a look at the new(ish) platform and learn how to use without losing a fortune, bah!
  2. Can anyone with a technical background help? I've asked the question before and it's still driving me nuts! I can't load IGTV On Demand, checked all the usual things like installing 'Flash' up to date 'Java' etc. but nothing seems to work. However, I've just noticed that I'm getting the following URL: https://community.ig.com/igtv/#information-banner-dismiss which is - I assume - the reason, but I have no idea what I can do to get the right URL anyone any ideas, especially back room wizards. Best Shaggy99
  3. Hi JamesIG, Yep, reinstalled Flash and tried 3 browsers (Chrome, Firefox, I.E.) to no avail. Strange because last week I could see the days videos and history, but today Zilch! Firewall settings are the same as ever, so I remain foxed as to why they are not loading - any other ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Shaggy99 PS I can see and play the vids in Our Picks without problems!
  4. Why is it that you fail to keep previous IGTV shows available and up to date 24/7? Today there is absolutely nothing to watch - why not - where have the vids gone? See attachment
  5. Why doesn't the previous TV shows stay on the same URL. I can't always see the daily TV updates at 10.30 live and sometimes not the same day, but I do like to catch up when I can. The trade of the week appears to be using the same URL so why can't I go strait to the daily TV updates with a visible tab, instead of searching every time for it, it's so time consuming - not to say annoying! Anyone know the correct URL?
  6. Thanks Caseynotes, I had a feeling that some years ago PRT could do this automatically, but it may have been M4, I'll try the manual version.
  7. Anyone know how to increase the number of PP using PRT charts above R3D & below S3D?
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