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  1. Thanks Kenneth, IG have replied to me though they have not fixed the problem yet. I am waiting for a call back now.
  2. I opened an account but wish I hadn't. Support is terrible no replies to emails and no answer from phone. My advice go elsewhere.
  3. I cannot get in contact with IG either. I cant make a deposit and they won't answer emails either. They were quick enough to set up my account, but since then no service.
  4. Why won't IG allow me to deposit money in my account. I have missed the best day on the market since 1933. Have I any comeback
  5. I am new to the platform but it is my fourth deposit. It has happened before but t usually goes through if cut the amount and try again, but not today.
  6. Thanks Casey. I am having trouble depositing money in my account and I tried calling and emailing IG but I have got no response.
  7. thanks Casey, but could you put a percentage on the margin required to buy a CFD based on the FTSE100.
  8. IG won't allow me to make a deposit. I am locked out of a rising market. They won't answer the phone and they won't reply to my email. What can I do.
  9. hi everyone I have a question, If I buy A CFD what is the deposit percentage.
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