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  1. Great news Thank ill play with this.
  2. So the clients is one thing ie sentiments: but the indicator saying bullish or bearish or even mixed means follow this advice?
  3. Yes corelation is a good guide for this Thank you. I am just looking at the chart you send me If the usd/chf is 61% short why does it say Bullish?
  4. Ok Thanks for that. I must admit im not keen on setiments? Not relible enough. Whats you take on them CN
  5. THanks for the info. I clicked on the link, and it seems to be flashing on and off?
  6. Nop i am with you all the way on this. I use this sometimes https://finviz.com/screener.ashx However as I am with the Aussie acount the charge for stockes are about £12 in and close at £12 so your down about £25 already: Hence why I do forex and indices and COM. Do you use a screener?
  7. Ok I just think I will be stopped out with a low capital... Ok So if i did put in a £1000 where do you find your low value stocks to trade with at 1-2 or even higher? Just to let you know I am on the Aussie account as the leverge is good. Esma rule stinks!! thats why I moved my account..but i hear its coming to the aussie soon so i will switch to the slizze
  8. Hey where can I find the sentiments ?
  9. Shame im in Kent. Would of been great to hook up and talk trading as I love it. I have my vision to make this work for me. Just need 20k to start...lol
  10. NIce reply buddy . Where in the uk are you if you don't mind me asking ? Yes I cant wait but must keep a cool head. I will trade low postion at first.
  11. I can not seem to find the sentiments ? I am using the new IG platfrom
  12. Excuse the spelling on the red wine now hehehehe
  13. Yes no Problem nit2wynit This how I trade. Price action and Support and resistance, then look for trends. Dow S&P are great to trade! Here is a good tip. Bring up Apple and have your charts up in the dow and the s&p ok. Correlation is key, do this arounf 7.30pm as you know use markets close at 9pm, but becareful as volitation can be high, watch the volume indicator helps. : try this as well? Go to gbp/Usd and pull up the time frame 4 hours then 1 hour. then go to the 5 min frame and trade the trend as you should know the direction if there is any...Its very important to know if there is a trend happening. This is when you trade for sec or even min. ok take profit straight away!!!. The other night i did this on the S&P and made over £1000 in 30 min. These are some of the ways I tarde sir. Hope this helps. TreV
  14. Good words Cassynotes. I have been on a demo now for about 2 years. Started with 20k and now just moved into 100k..So waiting for capital to come my way then im, going for real cash...Just hope it does not change my thinking in the way i have been trading.FOCUS....
  15. Hi and thank you for the info. Sentiment i never like to follow and this applies to currency. So maybe gold and other precious metals would be good to use. I was listening to no nonsence site yesterday and it was very interesting when it comes to the big banks putting they big money to direct the price! So I will start to trade with $ vs the 4 main metals. I must say I do like Gold to trade with using S/R and price action and most of all trend........
  16. Big leap down in price today, So i bought NY Orange made $680 in an hour'' so could it be going back up>? Price is now @ 10165?
  17. Loving the infor here. Can you give me some of your picks in Trading assets please?. I trade on the currencies and indices and gold.
  18. What does that really mean? Will we be out of the Esma rule then?
  19. Hi Casey, I have never looked at horizontal S/Rs or dynamic S/R before? HOw does this work? I do use MA
  20. I have always heard Trend is your friend and it dose work for me but with caution. If we can't rely on trend lines whats the next point of call?
  21. Hi everyone, I have a question? I am looking for live streaming up to date news like Bloomberg or CNBC; is there any other stations I can tune into? has to be via the net though? I do like to listen to Bloomberg and CNBC at the closing bell and during the day to keep up to date and possible trades looks. However, when you listen to Bloomberg on the net, now you only get half an hour before they want a subscription.... Regards Trev
  22. Good morning, Can anyone shed some light on this subject, please? So I have switched to Aussie CFD account however I have noticed when buying stocks I get charged a commission of £10 per trade and I will be liable for tax as well. So what are the benefits compared to spread betting and CFDs? Hence why I am with CFDs now is because Aussie account does not offer spread betting, will they be bringing that option in soon? Regards Trev