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  1. NIce reply buddy . Where in the uk are you if you don't mind me asking ? Yes I cant wait but must keep a cool head. I will trade low postion at first.
  2. I can not seem to find the sentiments ? I am using the new IG platfrom
  3. Excuse the spelling on the red wine now hehehehe
  4. Yes no Problem nit2wynit This how I trade. Price action and Support and resistance, then look for trends. Dow S&P are great to trade! Here is a good tip. Bring up Apple and have your charts up in the dow and the s&p ok. Correlation is key, do this arounf 7.30pm as you know use markets close at 9pm, but becareful as volitation can be high, watch the volume indicator helps. : try this as well? Go to gbp/Usd and pull up the time frame 4 hours then 1 hour. then go to the 5 min frame and trade the trend as you should know the direction if there is any...Its very important to know if there is a trend happening. This is when you trade for sec or even min. ok take profit straight away!!!. The other night i did this on the S&P and made over £1000 in 30 min. These are some of the ways I tarde sir. Hope this helps. TreV
  5. Good words Cassynotes. I have been on a demo now for about 2 years. Started with 20k and now just moved into 100k..So waiting for capital to come my way then im, going for real cash...Just hope it does not change my thinking in the way i have been trading.FOCUS....
  6. Big leap down in price today, So i bought NY Orange made $680 in an hour'' so could it be going back up>? Price is now @ 10165?
  7. Loving the infor here. Can you give me some of your picks in Trading assets please?. I trade on the currencies and indices and gold.
  8. What does that really mean? Will we be out of the Esma rule then?
  9. Hi Casey, I have never looked at horizontal S/Rs or dynamic S/R before? HOw does this work? I do use MA
  10. I have always heard Trend is your friend and it dose work for me but with caution. If we can't rely on trend lines whats the next point of call?
  11. Hi everyone, I have a question? I am looking for live streaming up to date news like Bloomberg or CNBC; is there any other stations I can tune into? has to be via the net though? I do like to listen to Bloomberg and CNBC at the closing bell and during the day to keep up to date and possible trades looks. However, when you listen to Bloomberg on the net, now you only get half an hour before they want a subscription.... Regards Trev
  12. Good morning, Can anyone shed some light on this subject, please? So I have switched to Aussie CFD account however I have noticed when buying stocks I get charged a commission of £10 per trade and I will be liable for tax as well. So what are the benefits compared to spread betting and CFDs? Hence why I am with CFDs now is because Aussie account does not offer spread betting, will they be bringing that option in soon? Regards Trev
  13. Are very good question as I will be opening an Aussie account soon? I guess the advantage is lower margins overall... Let me know. TreV
  14. You mentioned that Primark making lame excuses about the weather, but is the market slowing do you think..?
  15. Hi sorry to **** in? Are you seeing a down-turn in retail? and let us not add the brexit to the dish?
  16. I was worried as no one else had the spikes? As you can see I have clearly marked out the 2 jumps hope this helps. Sorry for once again for added previous pictures with too much info. I know how to do export now.
  17. Thanks for that James sorry about that should have seen it before I sent. I am on a mac so when I take a screenshot and go to tools crop is not highlighted? any ideas?
  18. Yes will do sorry about that, silly me..
  19. Hi and welcome to IG. well, spotted buddy. I noticed the same thing happened on all indices at 9pm?? tonight: TheDOW moved over 200 pips within 10 mins? spiked up then down? Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanx Trevbeats.
  20. You bet, and Netflix flew up yesterday after getting my tooth pulled from the dentist lol....closing positions down in pain was a task...itm yay....
  21. Scalping but with homework in hand and not to greedy seems to work. And as for the swinging lol, that is just great when it pulls the right way. But that been said, "sound like Josh now" Careful trading and following trends is safer. What is your strategy again now Cassynotes? What the heackers caused this to spike tonight mate?
  22. Hi to all, So I have been doing quite well on buying the dips on shares and of course doing the right research on each trade as well. The ones that lost was a small percent of the risk which is good for the account. Plus the margins are much doable and you can move your stops closer to the price to lock in profit whereas forex on some trades has a higher spread. So as for the forex, let's say currency, more risk, and much more volatility can = higher risk. example: Buy the dips in Netflix, atm Netflix is running down fast, but it always seems to go back up, just got to know when that happens. Nice to hear some feedback and your views on this subject.
  23. Knockouts are good for one thing only, short-term positioning...I left FTSE on for about a couple of days, and it stopped me out, so if it's about 80 pips at £20 its a lot of dosh gone...You can close out whenever you wish..So work with your R/R strategy.