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  1. Yes no Problem nit2wynit 

    This how I trade. Price action and Support and resistance, then look for trends. Dow S&P are great to trade! Here is a good tip. Bring up Apple and have your charts up  in the dow and the s&p ok. Correlation is key, do this arounf 7.30pm as you know use markets close at 9pm, but becareful as volitation can be high, watch the volume indicator helps.

    : try this as well? 

    Go to  gbp/Usd and pull up the time frame 4 hours then 1 hour. then go to the 5 min frame and trade the trend as you should  know the direction if there is any...Its very important to know if there is a trend happening. This is when you trade for sec or even min. ok take profit straight away!!!. The other night i did this on the S&P and made over £1000 in 30 min. These are some of the ways I tarde sir. Hope this helps. TreV

  2. On 26/09/2019 at 11:29, AbDXB1345 said:

    @Caseynotes also just taking the time to learn, most people just want to jump right in.

    Trading on demo for an extended period allows exposure to the markets with no risk. the obvious downfall of this is with no risk there is the chance of paralysis by analysis.

    I stuck to demo for almost 2 years and felt it was time to put experience to practice on a small size account, with the aim of adding to the size with monthly contributions that wont bankrupt me.

    Good words Cassynotes.

    I have been on a demo now for about 2 years. Started with 20k and now just moved into 100k..So waiting for capital to come my way then im, going for real cash...Just hope it does not change my thinking in the way i have been trading.FOCUS....

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  3. 4 hours ago, TrendFollower said:


    I am not the greatest trader and I accept that. I also accept there are many better traders than me who make far more profits than me. It is unlikely they will be using IG’s platform to trade. They will have an account with Goldman Sachs and the like which requires a bond of a couple of million pounds and it is those traders you want to follow and look for guidance. 

    You will only find words and charts on IG Community and then more words but after the price has reacted which we can all see. I include myself in that. What you are looking for is someone to tell you how to trade but the problem you have got is that you have picked an asset which is small caps and decided to day trade and you seem to be rigid in this position. Trading requires flexibility and adaptability. Trade assets which are strongly trending. What if small caps are not strongly trending? Then what is your strategy as you want to day trade so you will become trigger happy which you want to avoid. Be patient and wait for the best opportunities and trade those. 


    Loving the infor here. Can you give me some of your picks in Trading assets please?. I trade on the currencies and indices and gold.

  4. 1 hour ago, Caseynotes said:

    the trend is your friend til the bend at the end, but a trendline is different, it's usually asking too much which is why they need to be constantly re-drawn, that and the lack of accuracy on different time frames mean they are very problematic to use for setting limit orders to.

    I wouldn't say never use them because sometimes they are obviously the popular method of choice for that particular instrument at that particular time but check alternatives as they might be a better fit such as horizontal S/Rs or dynamic S/R such as a particular MA. 




  5. Hi everyone,

    I have a question? I am looking for live streaming up to date news like Bloomberg or CNBC; is there any other stations I can tune into? has to be via the net though?

    I do like to listen to Bloomberg and CNBC  at the closing bell and during the day to keep up to date and possible trades looks. However, when you listen to Bloomberg on the net, now you only get half an hour before they want a subscription....




  6. Good morning,

    Can anyone shed some light on this subject, please?

    So I have switched to Aussie CFD account however I have noticed when buying stocks I get charged a commission of £10 per trade and I will be liable for tax as well. So what are the benefits compared to spread betting and CFDs?

    Hence why I am with CFDs now is because Aussie account does not offer spread betting, will they be bringing that option in soon? 

    Regards Trev


  7. On 06/11/2018 at 14:46, Mercury said:

    I agree with your overall assessment @jay, would be interested to know how you come to that.  When is another issue, no point in being right if one is too early or too late, of course exactly when to go Short is strictly a matter for individual methodology.

    One thing that tends to be a harbinger of recession is retail.  Particularly with this market/economic cycle, which has been consumer debt driven probably like no other in history.  There have been a series of well documented retail collapses over the past year or so and prior to that the tell tale signs of multiple sales events as stock doesn't shift.  Recently there was a report of Burberry taking flack for destroying excess stock rather than sell at low costs to preserve their brand and only today we have had another 2 classics in my view as follows:

    New Look set to close up to 100 UK stores in radical revamp


    I particularly "like" the following quotes 

    Executive chairman Alistair McGeorge said retailers continued to face "significant headwinds and uncertainties, including Brexit". Brexit it seems is the cause of all woes...

    "Clearly the wider retail environment remains challenging and we are not expecting that to change anytime soon. However, we are on the right track and continue to drive further efficiencies across the business," he said. At least he has the integrity not to blame it all on politics...


    Primark blames weather for sliding sales


    LOL!  Apparently it was too cold then too hot...  Sounds like Network rail...  I really see trouble ahead when I read these apparent reasons for bad management.  I can't blame them, they are just gaming the system to keep the over inflated salaries and bonuses rolling in, but these kinds of headlines are warning bells for me of an imminent economic cycle reversal and an associated stock market reversal.

    Hi sorry to **** in? Are you seeing a down-turn in retail?  and let us not add the brexit to the dish?

  8. 5 hours ago, WillA said:

    @brickz @Trevbeats thanks both we are aware of this issue and investigating under the reference INC0256609. I am unsure when it will be resolved however hope it is soon.

    It is an IG issue affecting demo only, prices jumps are incorrect.



     1861840692_US500_20180822_21_08.png.7021a5bc4a5b7afa3317cc00bbc8312c.png  I was worried as no one else had the spikes? As you can see I have clearly marked out the 2 jumps hope this helps.

    Sorry for once again for added previous pictures with too much info. I know how to do export now. 

  9. Scalping but with homework in hand and not to greedy seems to work. And as for the swinging lol, that is just great when it pulls the right way. 

    But that been said, "sound like Josh now" Careful trading and following trends is safer. What is your strategy again now Cassynotes? 

    2018-08-22 08_20_49-Swing vs Scalp - General Trading Strategy Discussion - IG Community.png

    What the heackers caused this to spike tonight mate?

  10. Hi to all,

    So I have been doing quite well on buying the dips on shares and of course doing the right research on each trade as well. The ones that lost was a small percent

    of the risk which is good for the account.

    Plus the margins are much doable and you can move your stops closer to the price to lock in profit whereas forex on some trades has a higher spread.

    So as for the forex, let's say currency, more risk, and much more volatility can = higher risk.


    Buy the dips in Netflix, atm Netflix is running down fast, but it always seems to go back up, just got to know when that happens.

    Nice to hear some feedback and your views on this subject. 


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  11. On 8/9/2018 at 12:44 PM, PandaFace said:

    FTSE 100 Bull KO 

    market moves a point you make or lose a point. So basically what we had before...right? 

    Looks like knockout level is basically a guaranteed stop. On that’s FTSE one above min stop level is 80 points away, which on a 7700 market means you getting about 103:1 if I’ve done the math correctly. Which is a margin percentage of 0.97 (basically 100:1 or 1% deposit margin). 

    You HAVE to have a guaranteed stop tho which you have to pay for, but given the leverage pay out it seems pretty darn good in this post ESMA world.

    Knockouts are good for one thing only, short-term positioning...I left FTSE on for about a couple of days, and it stopped me out, so if it's about 80 pips at £20 its a lot of dosh gone...You can close out whenever you wish..So work with your R/R strategy.   

  12. On 8/18/2018 at 11:03 AM, Gabwilliams207 said:


    I have been practicing on a demo spread betting account and this seems to work, however is it allowed and will it get my live account banned??


    Before the market opens, I would like to set a long and short limit order on a stock.

    i hope that when/if it gaps at the open then I will have an order open in one direction and then I will close the unopened limit order in the opposite direction.


    is this allowed? 



    Yes, I think you can do this Gabwilliams, as its a form of hedging.. but much better as your not in the trades until the position is hit.. But be careful as it could swing into both of trades if you not monitoring the charts..

  13. On 8/17/2018 at 6:11 PM, Caseynotes said:

    Na you're over-thinking it.  The answer's obvious, it must be Bob because A) he clearly has more 'skin in the game', and B) everyone knows scalpers don't make any money. ?

    Who says scalpers don't make money? The key is : I think is not to be too greedy in scalping.....