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  1. Yes, I think you can do this Gabwilliams, as its a form of hedging.. but much better as your not in the trades until the position is hit.. But be careful as it could swing into both of trades if you not monitoring the charts..
  2. Who says scalpers don't make money? The key is : I think is not to be too greedy in scalping.....
  3. Hi, Can you really see the eur/usd go down to 1.15? I have not seen this low ?
  4. I guess it is because you can cover any losses if it goes the wrong way. I have two positions on GBP/USD at 128.32 down about 80 pips atm. But with the knockouts, you can open with a slightly higher position. How you doing atm . You on a demo or gone live yet..
  5. be careful tho as the stops are much higher!
  6. Hi, all Well, it is here the wonderful Esma rule.. Thank you, Europe so glad you are making it much harder now for the small retail trader and what I heard it is to wipe out binary option, so why interfere with the proper traders that are doing it the correct way? I hear its on a time trial for 3 months? Can any help with this question, please? If one was to open up and account what would be the right balance to play with without getting stopped out? Cheers TreV
  7. It's ridiculous PF I have been Informed it's a 3-month trial? and Why?
  8. Ok thank you, Wow, I bet this can cause frustration when executing trades. Slippage I have not actually seen as yet? I might have seen a couple of times candles jump and leave a gap, is that slippage Casy? As for executing this means for sell and buy? So when you are about to sell or buy, it does not do in that second? Sorry for the questions on this but it's new to me like you say.
  9. If we did move down under like you say, would you recommend ICMarkets, seems to be the next best thing to IG as it looks a safe bet to trade with? I can't see why we can not use the overseas IG's? Trev
  10. Hi Rich, I was looking at there site today. So you can say all good and safe? I did ask them to ring me today so I can set up a demo account before going live as it will take time to get used to there platform. Are you trading with IC Markets Rich? It's a **** shame that these margins have going to the stars I don't want to leave IG but can't do these silly margins which will be enforced upon us! Trev.
  11. Hi me again, When you say the execution of trades is not as smooth, there is slippage when going live. I do not get that from the demo platform,,,,is there a difference to the live platform then? Trev
  12. Great wise words Casynotes thank you. My risk and rewards are very set in place. I take it you did the same type of strategy start small and build up? He Is the thing Esma is now forcing that upon us? And you are so right the account will take a long time to build with trades due to high margins. I think Ig know they have lost the battle with Esma, as this would hit the company hard will they survive now? Trev.
  13. Hi Straddle, Funny that as I sent James a private message yesterday night; asking the same question and to shed some more light on our next move for us retail traders? still no reply? I can only think Ig London are scared of losing their clients from the London baes, even though they are the same company, its all about targets for them. I want to sort this out now as July will be on us very soon and one can move on and get back to trading! What I can't understand is this was an underwhelming majority of about 98% and that's just from IG clients saying No to these increased margins! "Yes very happy that binary option/scam companies are finished and out of the game, but why blanket the ones that trade properly? A massive hit to banks like IG will be thinking ****...Please tell us what can we do to avoid changing our broker IG? Trev.
  14. Hi Casynotes, Ref" to opening an account with the IG Australian site, There are some mixed signals here, as I was told by the London office today via email I will not be able to open an account with them as I have an account with Ig London?? Help us?? Trev.
  15. Hi spider-Man did your questions Answered. give me a shout discuss our next choices and options to keep trading. I have been trading with IG for about a year and a half all is going well it looks like we might have to find another broker is not connected to the European with this ridiculous margin increase okay be good to hear from you Trev..
  16. Hi everyone. I have been studying the markets and learning to trade with IG for about 2 years now. And I am very ready to start to go live! However, now it's very bad news for retail traders/spread betting???? Can someone tell me how to get around this ridiculous rule made by European silly people!!! "and I am being polite" I hear there is an IG in Australia so can open a fresh account with them and will i still be protected like the FCA? Not happy with these margins. It seems to me all they wanted to do was knock out Binary option scam companies which is a good thing ok. But to blanket all of us is madness, and I guess this could put IG out of business. I look forward to my reply from the community and IG. Trev.
  17. Hi Biggins, When you want to change your stop, you can either drag the line to the right point of your choice or press the X on the line and re-do the stop position. Hope this helps. Trevbeats.
  18. Hi Dash 1, Sorry for the delay. I am looking more into the trading groups like you said in your last post to me. Except for IGs trading group where can I find these usefull groups? should I seek google to find this info, however as you know one can be led up the wrong path on trades so really need to find a trust worthy one.. With this IG group i do find some of the swarks and reports not up to date? but great that IG supply this info. Trev..from south London btw.
  19. I like your reply Cvanci, Not sure if it was for me however very usefull thank you. My charting as follows : Macd I find well when trend is on the move up or down. Stockastics and volume. These seem to be serving me well so just the 3 indicators put together. I have tried others but really like the outcome of those 3. Here is a thought I need help with if you can? When every I place a trade mainly Pairs currency ,Indices, Oil and gold, Oil latley has been very tricky alas... but mainley pairs is my game at this time : This might change though?? Ok so I always start with daily, then look at the 4 hours, 1 hour then when I am ready to pull the trigger it's 5min and 1 min.. 1 hour on the IG tv live charting is the lowest they go to when speaking charting stuff. I never make the final decission just on the daily? I guess if I want longer trends is this the right way to go and try ignore smaller time frames?. And one just one last thing: I am now adventuring at trading with stocks and shares, less volitile less noise and less risk to be attached them.. the other day I positioned a £50 a point on the Pru and bang it when up 30 pips! now that's the trades I love and want more of.. Ideally I am more looking for long trends rather then scalpping with added price market and action, don't get me wrong I have done very well in that way as its quite exciting but as you know it has its high risk if the market turns on you!. So Should I try to adjust my statergies to longer time frames.? and does this depend on what your trading? Thanks for your time. Trev.
  20. I do hope you are more familiar with the entry and exits? It is a must knowing how to use the platform and reading charts before you start real money trading. Trading is harder enough so without knowing the tools of the job you will lose your cash!. Please let me how you are doing atm? Another tip: go to all the videos on ig under education and learn and study them. Go to youtube and study like crazy different strategies. Listen to ig morning call at 7.30 and 10.30 and know the price action and the price market. When you trade without emotion your on the sweet spot. Let me know whats happening buddy. TreV..
  21. Caseynotes thank you so much for this great input. I will study them the link you sent me. Please correct me if I am wrong: I feel the best way to keep trades on your side is to: Read charts etc and price action? Watch out for news events. Some quick in and out trades. In and out trades :8am with a morning call ping for the indices. Sometimes signal centre gets it wrong. Any other ideas I can add to my trading strategies sir. I do have about 2/4 indicators at one time, can I ask which ones you think is best to use, lets say long trends as I am looking in to small positions. As for the Stolly indicator I don't seemed to have that one, I" am on the classic chart". I guess it will be on PRT. I am getting that feeling again of I should start to learn and study the PRT charts as it will give me better options if I want to take this to the next level.....? Thanks for your help buddy.
  22. Can someone please help me with the right forms of using indicators. If I select,Macd or stockastic and some others indicators. "Example"If macd is set to a day time frame, trend looks like it going up, however if I change it to other time frames from 4 hours to 1 hour to one min even it says a different story? Can someone point me in the right direction for setting indicators to get time factors correct to make a better dessions in my trades. . Is there a chart or reference to make. Sure I have them set in the right way? Thank you.
  23. Sorry for the delay. All the advice is taking down thank you. Well It's all getting exciting with the big fight in the US atm...At what time will we see the markets go mad? crash or dash? More on the stops thank you now I now what slippage is.. I did have a trade on oil the other day [news event] I did a price action and support and resistance on my chart to win the trade and it hit my limit of 70 pips::: in nano seconds i was in the money,,,,"smiles", however like you say if it goes the other way and stops are not in place or GS is not in: Boom.. Yes as I am slowly getting better at reading charts and I am slowly moving away from News events..as sometimes positive or a negative result from the forex factory does not line up?? I am looking at long trades and small positions.{ Larry Williams] I read and watch some of his you tubes A wise man I think..any advice on that sir. Thanks again for your help. Trevbeats..
  24. I so agree with that shocks-n-scares. Overseas brokers keep the well away. Very good salesman and before you know it he has got ya... Thank god for what goes around comes around..dodgy brokers your time will come!! TreV..
  25. Great advice Sir, I Will come back with some more feed back on that if I may. I done well on trades today: £690 up in a mornings work all "Price Action" and a few indicators: so had a break from trading for the rest of the day...however, its hard not to have a little peak at the £v$ or oil etc... Wife calling better watch the rest of the film...ill be back.. Thanks for the help you are giving me. Trev.