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  1. i read somewhere that IG aren't allowing share buying of this stock, only selling! is this true? i hold some in my portfolio. obviously, i would like the opportunity to add as well as sell. any clarification would be appreciated. thanx.
  2. didn't bother me too much, but as i successfully logged in about 4.00pm uk time, i did notice that flash was down and was presented with spreadsheet etc, it was all over the place and couldn't make any sense of it. its back now, i have my dark mode all in order! but, some of you are correct about the site, this is the 3rd time in a week its happened! apologies without explanation are not enough!
  3. well, here in the uk its 8.00AM. BUT, many many times i have tried to trade immediately after 8.00 and have never been successfull! often met with message such as market not currently open. normally have to wait till 8.06 or 8.07 for it to respond! makes me angry, especially when you want to take advantage of a good rise or good price to sell.
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