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  1. Hi there I have been trying to cancel an order but getting a message saying the market was closed. I called up and was told that 'the platform can be a bit funny - and not let you change it, but we're happy to do it over the phone". Firstly - this is a bit cheeky. I almost didn't call, assuming perhaps that it simply wasn't possible. Secondly, the message is entirely unhelpful - it could let people know to call if they want / need to change the order. I've been having an ok time on the platform mostly, although I have seen some negative comments around certain issues with orders either closing or not being able to, and I guess this is the sort of thing which can fuel that perception. It would be ideal to be able to edit your order out of hours. And if that's not possible (why it wouldn't be, I'm not sure), a more informative message at the very least. Thanks