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  1. Hi all, I have recently started spreadbetting with a focus on the FTSE100 solely for now. I have previous experience with charts from crypto and share dealing although I definitely have a lot to learn. I'm watching a video by David Weis where he's explaining the way he uses Wykcoff/volume analysis which looks like something I'd like to use. There should be a screenshot here where his chart displays the volume as a no. per 100/1000 contracts, at certain highs and lows, using a weak uplift to suggest a possible downturn and vice versa. He says his program shows these numbers automatically rather than having to calculate manually and add the number to the chart as text. Is there anywhere on the IG platform that allows you do this? I seem to have tried every available analysis option on the dropdown menu, obviously there is volume which displays below the chart although as he says this is not always that clear depending on the timeframe used.