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  1. For the benefit of others I finally got through to phone support. I was assisted to deposit funds back in exact original amounts to the credit card I used to adhere with anti-money laundering laws. Even though the cards and bank account are all in my name and were already verified. So if possible use one account to deposit in IG to avoid running afoul of the regulations. The system will only deposit back what you put in to each source bank account/card. Easier to just have one account for transfers.
  2. I have verified my IG bank account but when I tried to organise a withdrawal to it I received an email saying that I had not had my IG account open long enough. IG suggested I transfer to my credit card instead, which I was unable to verify because I had only once recently added a top up amount using it and therefore did not have a statment I could use to verify it. In addition I need the funds in my bank account not to be used for credit! I do not understand why I can't transfer funds back to the bank account which I already used in the first place to add the funds. I've emailed support sever
  3. I’d never seen this behaviors until today but same issue happen on a Mac auto logged off mid trade. Charts are also breaking at less than 30min ticks!!
  4. Trading WTI and the chart has just disappeared but only from last hour 👻
  5. I agree with the frustration in this thread. I’ve lost over $800 au this week due to the platform issues which have been occurring in bursts over the last few days preventing me from closing trades. Sadly I don’t have screenshots or evidence to back up my claims and I had no luck calling the IG support line. I am however seriously considering whether to stay with IG. The system seems to be down right now for maintenance so I will be looking very closely to see how it performs going into next week. In circumstances such as these technical support is sorely needed. I didn’t even get a
  6. I have exact same problem. Can’t even log in now getting an error to call support... line is beeping out. Not a happy camper.
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