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  1. Hi James, Thanks for your reply. I have used both MT4 and PRT, also checked out their plug-ins, neither of which provide what I need. I think IG are missing an opportunity, as the only way retail traders can develop an edge is through innovation. The Ninja community would be a welcome addition I am sure.
  2. Thanks, that is very helpful, have discussed with them and they do offer Ninja Trader as you say, with a £10k minimum account size.
  3. NinjaTrader has become one of the most widely used trading tools in the USA and is very popular here in the UK because of its rich functionality and excellent support community, custom indicators etc. For example I use range bars with cumulative delta and order flow, none of which is available on the IG or ProRealTime platforms, but they are on Ninja and its add-ons. MT4/5 just does not compete. So my question is whether or not IG intend to link up with the NinjaTrader platform and provide it as a trading platform option? I believe it is the platform of the future. One problem for UK Ninja
  4. Many thanks for your comments. I was thinking specifically of the Futures market and the FDAX. It should be possible for IG to stream volume data from Eurex, which I believe is what some other trading platforms provide.
  5. Why does the IG platform not enable volume data to be displayed in charts for futures indices like the FDAX. Other systems like Ninja Trader enable volume data to be displayed for indices such as the FDAX within a chart. IG enables this for currencies and commodities, but not indices - why? Does anyone know how to import a volume data feed for futures indices into Real Time Pro from Eurex in the way it is a standard feature for Ninja Trader please?
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