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  1. Thank you @CharlotteIG I shall certainly look into the power of attorney, but before I do, what I am asking is whether the IG app on my iPhone is limited to displaying the figures from more than one person's account at a time. And if so, is one supposed to log out of it and then log into another account to view the transactions? Thanks for the help.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new to IG and am looking to transfer my and my wife's share dealing and ISA accounts from Halifax over to IG. At the moment I've established a share dealing account for myself and stuck some funds in. I've also created an ISA account for myself, and will fund that in a few days time. I need to do the same for my wife. Ideally when both my and my wife's accounts are transferred over from Halifax I would like to be able to view all of them through the IG app on my iPhone. So my question is whether that is possible?
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