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  1. Great thanks for the response. I have taken a 14 day trial and have been looking around and the site does have some great information. It has taken me a little bit of time to get used to, but I think once I'm more comfortable with it I will be able to incorporate into decisions. I will have a look tomorrow for the discount as I only have the UK market subscription. Great time to get Tradingview also. I upgraded my plan and saved 50%, plus a rally in cable has made it that little bit cheaper....
  2. I have been look at getting this - do you use it? If so, what are your thoughts?
  3. looks like they have removed the "noise" and any thread containing it...
  4. Bes to have a read of the terms for the rights issue from RR - this will give you a better idea of what they are offering. Also, have a look at the below article from the Telegraph - it broadly cover the three items you mentioned above: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/investing/shares/rolls-royce-raising-money-rights-issue-should-worry-invest/#:~:text=What is Rolls-Royce doing,to help raise £2bn.
  5. Looks like this is on the mobile app - I frequently see this happening at either end of the scale on weekends across all of my stocks on my watchlist, so there definitely is a bug in either their weekend (cob Friday) pricing or mobile app on the weekends. Typically reverts back to where is should on Monday morning.
  6. @DSchenk You mention earlier that TA doesn’t work, how you do you want it to? – what exactly are you looking for? I think defining this will help with your ultimate approach….remember, there is no silver bullet to investing or trading (or anything in life for that matter…), which will make things easier….figure out what will work for you and concentrate on that. RE: Markets: Why is the US market more appealing than the UK market? Volatility, volume, liquidity….more opportunity…? Out of all the markets you have tried, what makes you think a fundamental approach is better? All markets trade on fundamental news, but this can be varied – one thing is for sure, price governs all markets….viewing this visually can be very helpful. Look at Glaxo – they supply products most of us user every day, without evening knowing…defo buy right? Look at their chart and tell me your thoughts….total downtrend and would mean losing capital fast…..but hey, they pay a dividend…(I’m a buyer when they hit £13.00 btw..) Crypto (I’m not a massive believer in this) – how does this work in the real world? When is the last time you paid for something in a crypto ccy? – conceptually great, but will your gran (dad/mom) buy a can of coke for $1.00 one day, and $1.40 BTC the next because of the volatility in BTC? The key premise of TA is (according to Investopedia) – “Technical analysis is a trading discipline employed to evaluate investments and identify trading opportunities by analyzing statistical trends gathered from trading activity, such as price movement and volume.” https://www.investopedia.com/terms/t/technicalanalysis.asp (not a fan of Investopedia, but im trying to make a point) I do use fundamentals, but only to the extent of looking for value in stocks which I want to hold for a certain period of time – I’m either looking for capital growth or dividend yield (sometimes both). These stocks are ones I have in my ISA portfolio. Depending on the above, it will depend on what account I trade in. ISA’s are great for when you are making profits (and earning dividends), but not so great when you are not. This is where having losses in your trading account may benefit you (speak to your tax advisor if you are unsure of what I’m referring to..). None of the above is trading or tax advice - please speak to a professional to get this information which is specific t your situation. TFFX
  7. Interesting post…. Apologies for my long post below, but I hope some readers appreciate its content. From a funds management point of view, these guys (non-gender specific when I say this), need to manage according to their mandate. Now, if this means they need to be invested in all sectors or only allowed to hold a certain amount of cash (for a lot of them, this is < 5% of the fund), which means they pretty much have to be fully invested at ALL times. Depending on the mandate, this might also mean they are only allowed to hold a certain weighting in a particular stock, sector or company (amongst other stipulations). This inherently makes it complex to perform in all types of markets, which is why you don’t see the ~30%+ performance in all types of funds, which we all wish we could have if it was as simple as buying a certain fund. This is not to mention the other factors of portfolio management, which relate to redemptions or capital inflow (i.e. selling stock to raise funds or investing new capital for a balanced portfolio – daily, weekly, monthly etc.). A private investor has much more flexibility when deciding what they want to trade and when, which in turn means more flexibility in what they want / can trade. The above comments in this thread about wishing to achieve 30% are entirely possible, provided you are in the right trade at the right time. Remember as a retail investor, one good trade of 30% (if that’s how we want to measure it), can make a year. But Investment managers have to take thousands of trades (in stocks they HAVE to own, but not necessarily WANT to…) to make a year…..our stock and asset allocation is very different…. Getting back to the primary point of the post – fundamentals. Let’s look at some very recent examples (some which I have either been invested in, or watching). All reporting or giving trading updates this week: ASOS: profits quadrupled from their announcement on Wednesday Stock is down 13% since then – hammered on the announcement Technically – this stock has had a great runs since the crash in April – +278% Dominos: 19% increase in sale for the third quarter announced on 15th Oct Stock is down 9% since then - hammered on the announcement Technically – up since July peak prior to sales figures– +24% AO World (on another thread on this community) Sales up 57% in first half Stock up 34% since the close on Wednesday – to the moon on announcement Technically – this stock has had a lovely trend following run since the crash in May – 332% Whilst I have been selective with the stocks above (in terms of performance), I’m trying to point out that pure fundamentals may not reap the rewards which certain investors are trying to gain purely on their fundamentals. Two of the stocks mentioned above have had has big increases in sales and revenue (i.e. things are looking good…), but have had quite large falls in share price since announcing. This could have been because “all the good new was priced in”….but as retail investors, how do we know this…? What I’m learning is that we have to trade with the market and THEIR view of the market, not of ours…. TFFX_
  8. Hi Fiona, Thanks for the update - is the tool available on the DEMO CFD/SB accounts? If so, where can I find it? Also, is the any plan to add it to the Share Trading and ISA accounts? Thanks
  9. I have heard of this functionality being available - where can it be found / enabled on my accounts? I cannot see any functionality for it in my 'Live Accounts' screen - or anywhere for that matter. Thanks
  10. Happened again today....but seems they are back now.
  11. It is definitely on the app (android), I use it all the time...not sure I could remember my actual password...lol
  12. I think you could be referring to market depth, which shows a list of orders for size and quantity, for both buyers and sellers. This will need a separate subscription - have a search for Level 2 Data in the forum, as I believe there have been a few posts about it.
  13. Check out the Swedish Investor on youtube. He gives a pretty good overview financial books in a pretty simplistic manner.... Trading for a living is on there also.
  14. Probably the only piece of personal data they don't have about its customers... I can imagine them noticing you in a down emotional state, then they send you a discount notification on that pair of trainers your spent 47 mins and 21 seconds looking at the other day....might even start suggesting healthier foods to buy based on body fat reading... Good idea from them really..
  15. It's not bad, covers a broad range of items - TA, indicators, systems and psychology, but not in great detail. Mainly flogs his triple screen trading system (which is pretty widely recognised) and does tend to ramble a bit to paint a picture and get his point across.
  16. Thanks for the responses. I thought that may have been the case - this is what is used in your New Moon strategy thread. Interesting comment about gambling, as martingale (or non) is commonly used/promoted in blackjack. re: targets - how do you select them? support / resistance, fibo lels...etc. Yes - read the first edition in the mid 2000's prior to travelling for some time. I have just purchased the second edition and have only just cracked the spine of it...so looking forward to a refresher of his ideas..
  17. Hi all, Interest to know if anyone has read "Trade your way to financial freedom" by Van Tharp and has used or uses his position sizes / management methods he outlines in the book. I'd like to understand how people have integrated it in their own trading / investing, particularly around the risk models he presents. If you could indicate markets trades that would be helpful also. Thanks
  18. I'm a little confused by what you are looking to do here. Is it an investment (long term) or is it a shorter term position trade? You mention investment, but then talk about taking profits each day or so.... If it is an investment, I would say there are a couple of scenarios. Is the stock dividend paying? If not, you could let the trade run and accumulate some profit and then sell out of your initial stake and leave just the profit in the trade for as long as you like - this could free up capital for another investment you find in a few months time... If it is, you could ride the stock as you mention and take some yield along the way. DRIP could be an option here also (although I have heard it is painful through IG) and the idea of compounding is interesting to some investors. You also could buy the dips as mentioned above. I think it comes down to - what is the motivation for the trade....and this can help decide the path you take.
  19. Thanks for the feedback. I currently use TV for my technical analysis, as the features available on IG platform are not quite on par. The fundamental data functionality is good if you are looking / using at a micro level, but not quite what I'm after. Providers I had in mind were the likes of Stockopedia, MorningStar premium etc. - something that can a consolidated view in an easily digestable / usable manner.
  20. Hello, I'm looking to understand what (if any) fundamental data services people are using and if anyone could share their experiences with them. I get that IG is typically execution and only carries a small amount of fundamental data which can be launched from a chart window, but this does not really lend it self to searching / filtering for div yield, eps etc. - i.e. use a fundamental value based criteria and TA for trade set up and entry. My thought process is that I will be putting the majority of fundamental (value) and technical driven selections through my ISA account due to the benefits it brings (dividends and CGT), and put the more technical driven ideas through my trading account. I'm looking to invest over time (weeks to months), rather than intraday trade and scalp, which i guess is what the bulk of IG users are doing. Thanks.
  21. @CharlotteIG Do you have any plans to add this functionality for the share dealing / ISA accounts? If not and the only way would be to add an alert as you say, perhaps you could add a "Click to trade" alert based on set parameters. This may mean users may need to be glued to their phones for push notifications, rather than their screens, but in this day and age I think this is a more likely event.
  22. Thanks for the comments and reference to the old post from IG. Looking at the detail today, it looks like IG have updated their numbers to now show 12.123m and compared to the data shown on the exchange site is a little short. https://www.londonstockexchange.com/stock/WMH/william-hill-plc/company-page I would be good if IG could confirm the data feed for piece of mind, as this could affect some people's analysis.
  23. I have seen the same problem with this today in WIlliam Hill - IG is showing 1,940,470 traded today, but LSE is showing 13.5m traded today, with 3.67m of that done after hours in one block. https://www.londonstockexchange.com/stock/WMH/william-hill-plc/trade-recap TradingView is showing 12.904m in its data, so far better from an analysis pov.... Perhaps IG only show what they have transacted that day...
  24. Thanks for the help. I had a read through, but it wasn't any of the items listed on this page. It did however push me in the right direction - my Bitdefender security software had disabled some of my browser permissions, which i have now reverted.
  25. Hello, I currently have an issue moving from My IG Dashboard screen to any of my live or Demo accounts. When I click on "Open New Platform" button I'm redirected to a page which fails to load any data. The webpage keeps getting stuck at - https://demo-deal.ig.com/wtp/ Can someone please advise. Thanks.