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  1. Hi, Does anyone know why UK shares (FTSE) are up today (IAG, WPP, etc.) ?
  2. Hi, Is it possible to view price of UK stock after hours / pre-market ? What happens to an order when placed with a broker in afterhours / pre-market, does it get queued somewhere? Thanks
  3. Hi, I do think in this modern age we do have breaking news but I just dont know where to look. I've looked at several screeners (Finviz, etc) and then got overwhelmed but expected I guess. Happy to look at fundamentals, but any idea on some basic metrics and what the ranges ought to be ? Any starting point appreciated. Thanks again
  4. Hi community, Can someone confirm if traders / investors use the news as a primary way to buy/sell shares please. Its just that I read another post stating that they do not go by the news and use charting.. So not clear on this. As I'm not too familiar with charting i would opt for the news.. (need to find a good UK source for the news also) Would welcome your view to confirm mine. Thanks
  5. Hi, If I am trading in stocks (equity) as a swing trader (1-5 days) in normal hours and set my stops (limit and loss), and left them open overnight can they trigger in out of hours (pre/post markets) ? Is this the normal thing to do when buying / selling equity as during out of hours stocks can become a lot more volatile and pose more risk? Thanks
  6. Hi, Thanks Caseynotes. If an order is placed pre or post market periods, does it get executed immediately at the current price (on yahoo I can see pre or post prices for US stock) ?
  7. Hi, As we now have Easter holidays, I was wondering how shares are executed for London Stock Exchange and NYSE? I've noticed that NYSE has pre-market and post market offerings, does this only apply to week days and not weekends/holidays? If yes, then I suppose I cannot place a market order but a limit order in these periods instead and order is queued, when and at what price it it executed ? Will the same apply for LSE? Sorry about all the questions, but thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Without ProRealTime option, are the charts real time ?
  9. Hi There, I'm in the uk and opened a trial CFD account. Going short opening at 251.72 and closing at 251.80 the balance shows as £0.64. (I assume you have converted from dollars to GBP) ? Additionally you are charging 2 x £12.17 (type :WITH), Is this because I am using a GBP account and not USD ? If this is the case it will be expensive to trade international stocks, what are my options (is it possible to have a USD account) ? See screenshot. Thanks
  10. Hi, I'm still learning about day trading / swing trading and was wondering if I would be at disadvantage if I do not have live data option enabled. Is it needed if i don't intend to day trade ? (when I say day trade I mean by the hour/minute) ? In terms of frequency I don't think I will be trading every day at the moment. Thanks
  11. Apologies, I haven't been clear. If I open a live account, will that single account allow be to Share deal as well as CFD and SB or will I be required to create different types of live accounts (1 account for Sharedealing, 1 account for SB/CFD) ?
  12. If I open a LIVE account can i Sharedeal (buy real shares) and CFD and SB with that single live account ?
  13. I have two trial accounts with titles CFD and Spread betting. When I open the CFD trial account, will all the stocks / indices be CFD's. Just that with other platforms, with a single account I can select between Equity / CFD. Also, when if I want to buy physical stock, do I also need to open a ShareDealing account? Thanks
  14. @underg - would you mind sharing the UBS link to the article? What does 'gearing' mean?
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