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  1. Hi, on 26/03/20 I bought 240 Tesco shares at 219.5967pence and then bought a further 236@ 208.7837 pence. My holding on the account was displayed as 476 shares bought at an average price of approx 214 pence. Since the consolidation in 2021 my holding shows as 375 shares at an average price of 271.936 pence. I understand that in the consolidation I got 15 new shares for 19 old ones and received the corresponding dividend. What I do not understand is why my average price has gone up from 214 pence to 271.936 pence. This now shows that I have made a loss rather than the profit I had pre consolida
  2. Hi, the IG Econ calender lacks company earnings and dividend date data. Am I missing something or does it just not give this information? thanks in advance for any replies
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