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  1. Still have not been able to work out how to. I’m guessing it’s not currently possible. IG Mods — make this possible, please!
  2. I'm currently displaying my charts off a relatively small screen, and want to be space efficient as possible. Is there a way to hide the "News & Analysis" bar that appears on the bottom of charts? Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi All, Does anyone have any good recommendations for HK-based REITs? Ideally office REITs? I have a couple of names I usually go to, but unfortunately they're not available on IG! Thank you
  4. Hi All, Is there anyway I can place a buy order to automatically open as soon as the market opens, at whatever the market price is at the time? Thanks
  5. Hi Guys, Does anyone have any smart ideas as to how I could graphically chart the value of my CFD portfolio overtime? More than happy to download the data (perhaps portfolio value on an hourly basis) and build the chart myself on excel, just wondering where I can get this data? Thanks
  6. Apologies for the poor initial phrasing -- will try again! What ticker did you search on your CFD account to access the above charts?
  7. Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction - makes perfect sense. Just another appended question if you don't mind - why can I get up specific future contracts (June, July etc.) when I'm on my ISA and Spreadbetting account, but now when on my CFD account?
  8. Morning all, I have endeavored to find the answer to this question elsewhere, but have struggled... so hoping someone here may be able to point me in the right direction! How is the price of the US Crude CFD derived? Am I right in thinking that it is a weighted average of the May-20, June-20 and July-20 future contracts? If so, in what proportion? Thank you all
  9. I'm wishing to have one chart with the FTSE100 with 10 second candles, the other with 1 hour candles. How can I do this? Update: I worked this one out. Hover over the current candle time, and then you can select 'Split Chart' which allows you to view multiple time horizons. Question below is still valid however, so any help is appreciated! Also, I have moved over from InteractiveB, and they had a feature where you can link charts to watchlists, so when you click on a name, the linked charts auto-updated to show that name. Is there a way to do that on IG? Than
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