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  1. Hi, Relatively new to IG, so posting in this newbie section. I am trading shares, and wondering if I can place both a Stop and a Limit to an open position. The below IG page says so, but I can't work out how to do it on the trading platform. https://www.ig.com/sg/help-and-support/orders--stops-and-limits/orders/do-you-offer-one-cancels-the-other-oco-orders I can place a Stop on an open position, but how do I place a Limit-Close order? E.g.: I own 10 shares of XYZ @ $90. I place a stop at $85. I want to automatically sell if it reaches $100. Is this possible? Thanks in advance
  2. I am having the same problem. Very frustrating. I contacted ig about it directly once and they said that possibly the stock isn't liquid, or try changing the buy price so it's closer to the current price. The advice didn't seem correct, as the stock was super liquid (apple) and the price passed through my buy price 3 times. This particular time, it executed 45 mins after trying to purchase. Tried to purchase apple all sessions yesterday premarket and the buy order did not execute, so I gave up and cancelled the order. Missed out on gaining 4% because of this FFS! Can anyone enlighten us on this issue? Is it just a problem with ig?
  3. Can't seem to see a FAQ on generating an API Key.... Also, the instructions on 'getting started' for generating an API Key are for the old platform. The new platform does not seem to have these options
  4. These options do not seem to be appearing for me, and I have done just as you said above. Do I also need to create a live CFD account for the options to appear?? Not too keen on this 😕 Appreciate any help! Cheers
  5. Hi, this issue of incorrect prices being shown on candle sticks still seems to be on the platform. Checking prices for a couple of companies this morning shows it's way out of whack. E.g.: Heat Biologics Inc price on IG candle stick right now: 0.749. Actual price: 0.58 Southwestern Energy Co price price on IG candle stick right now: 10.51. Actual price: 1.69 This false price skews the Indicators on the chart, which is annoying if trying to look at what happened on the Friday of each week. Can anyone confirm if this affects their account on IG or not? Any word on when this will be fixed? In the interim (while it is not fixed and still is a problem), when do these prices get rectified over the weekend? Last weekend I had to wait until Monday when the market opened for the chart to show the correct price. At the moment I am just testing IG market with small trades to see if I will continue with them... this chart issue is a big negative if I want to check things at any point on a weekend.
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