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  1. For some reason, my profit/loss total amount is far more pleasing than it should be. It's off by about £2000. Is anyone else seeing this?
  2. I think this needs to be changed. From the positions page, I see all the open trades that I have. When I click 'close' I see the amount returned +/- the profit. I clicked close all, thinking that I would see the sum of all trades and all +/- profits. Alas, close all closed all, without any pre-step. This was not good for me. Is there any way this can be modified?
  3. Am I reading things wrong when different websites show different stock values than IG? I can't share a screen shot just now because Yahoo finance does not update until the markets open. I am trading Wall Street - DOW - and do not see the same values on both places. Is spread betting significantly different? Can I see a place that shows more change in spread bet values? The IG window is pretty small.
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