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  1. Another in the "is it just me?" series - but has anyone ever experience the problem that trade placed on the charts do not show up in the open positions or orders window? Sometimes I have orders in the positions/order windows that do not exist on the chart. This look like a quality issue with the product - any suggestions on how to fix this? Today I was told I could not place an order because I did not have enough cash in my account - my cash had all gone from my account - until I rebooted my machine and the cash was back there again.... There are numerous small but highly
  2. Hi, Is it just me but my charts keep freezing up on my PC. The price action just stops working - completely dead in the water. Please can this be rectified and please can you confirm directly to me when this has been done. Another favourite little bug bear is when you are watching the charts and the system just logs you out automatically. This is grates on me. Please fix this. FYI I'm using Windows 10 (patched obviously) on a modern machine and Chrome browser, although the same problem does happen on my Linux PC using Chrome.
  3. Please can you answer the following questions: 1) Is it possible to create and trade CFDs from a USA IG Account while living in the UK? 2) Is it possible to trade a US IG Account using a GBP account - therefore the trade will not be subject to exchange rates at the time the trade is made. 3) What are the margin requirements for the US? In the UK with spreadbetting a £10 per pip trade will need nearly £20,000 (or about 200:1) in reserves as margin. What are these ratios for the USA? 4) If I can use a US account, it is possible to use both the web app and MT4 on the same trad
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