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  1. Hi rwi, biometric authentication is already available on IG app, I use it multiple times a day. If it doesn't work on your smartphone perhaps check if it's enabled in settings?
  2. I believe that it's better to get the basics right first, so in order of importance: 1. Fix your charts please (those bizarre spikes up and down not seen at any other broker, as well as those empty spaces on charts for Sat/Sun, see example of your own chart below with 2-bars wide empty spaces between each Friday and Monday) 2. Trailing stop loss on ISA/sharedealing account 3. Volume moving average 4. P/L and P/L %age for the day (currently only showing P/L since the position was opened) 5. Trade analytics tool on ISA/share dealing account - you keep emailing me to check it out but it's still not available on my accounts The below I realise it's unlikely to happen, but it would be amazing to have: 6. Stock screener similar to what Stockopedia offers (realise this is a premium feature so would be happy to pay extra for it) 7. An option similar to 'export chart' but for trade details, i.e. exporting trade data to excel sheet, like entry price, values for MAs and indicators currently on the chart etc. basically all the info visible on the chart but as numbers instead of a picture
  3. Yeah for some reason IG doesn't offer stop loss on all shares, I had the same with AVCT & FDEV recently. I decided not to buy any shares that don't have stop order as an option as things sometimes move very fast (see AVCT lately) and I don't have time to watch the screen whole day.
  4. Hi, I have several positions in my ISA, however one of them doesn't give me an option to set up a stop loss. When going to deal -> order type, I only have 2 options available: 'fixed price quote' and 'limit order' while all other positions offer me 'market order' and 'stop order' as well. Does anyone know why is that or how to fix it?