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  1. Hi rwi, biometric authentication is already available on IG app, I use it multiple times a day. If it doesn't work on your smartphone perhaps check if it's enabled in settings?
  2. I believe that it's better to get the basics right first, so in order of importance: 1. Fix your charts please (those bizarre spikes up and down not seen at any other broker, as well as those empty spaces on charts for Sat/Sun, see example of your own chart below with 2-bars wide empty spaces between each Friday and Monday) 2. Trailing stop loss on ISA/sharedealing account 3. Volume moving average 4. P/L and P/L %age for the day (currently only showing P/L since the position was opened) 5. Trade analytics tool on ISA/share dealing account - you keep emailing me
  3. Yeah for some reason IG doesn't offer stop loss on all shares, I had the same with AVCT & FDEV recently. I decided not to buy any shares that don't have stop order as an option as things sometimes move very fast (see AVCT lately) and I don't have time to watch the screen whole day.
  4. Hi, I have several positions in my ISA, however one of them doesn't give me an option to set up a stop loss. When going to deal -> order type, I only have 2 options available: 'fixed price quote' and 'limit order' while all other positions offer me 'market order' and 'stop order' as well. Does anyone know why is that or how to fix it?
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