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  1. My husband has recently just been offered some work in the United States. It seems like a great opportunity but we've yet to accept the offer. I was curious about what would happen to my account? Would I need to change it to a USA account - if so can I transfer all of my stock? And if we live there on and off, let's say 6/6 months, do I have to change my account or just carry on using my one here in the UK? also, do commission/costs change in the US?
  2. I'm fairly new to trading on IG and trading as a whole so sorry if this seems a dumb question but I really need help. So I was experimenting with VERY small amounts of money to get a feel for the platform and what it has to offer when I realised that Tesco PLC charged me 2 x £-10.00 (-£20) - I'm pretty sure I wasn't warned about the commission on my 'preview order' slide. But I'm okay with it. The point is, I've been charged £10 when opening the trade (understandable) and then another £10 after I closed the trade! Is this suppose to happen? I was on my phone when I made the trade and I know it sometimes charges more to do so, but I thought all costs are charged as soon as the position is placed. (I provided a file showing a picture of the transactions taken by the trade)