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  1. Hi Guys, I was wondering if you are going to provide us a way to set our account balence manually. For the moment, there is only the option to increase the balance from a starting point. Sadly, this does not allow for us to use virtual funds in a realistic way. Someone mentioned that this was not possible and another person mentioned that we could simply transfter the funds to another demo account. This seems like a hack to me. I hope you will allow this in the future. Thanks a bunch for your help, Regards, Chris
  2. Hi guys, I love your platform. I've setup stock screeners on various sites and I normally receive notifications with the ticker symbol. Sometimes I receive multiple ticker symbols. Is there a way we can paste up to X ticker symbols on your site allowing us to quickly find the corresponding stocks and have the choice of adding them to a named watch list ? I think life would be much easier for us. If I wanted to find like 20 ticker symbols via your platform, for example, I'd have to find them one by one while checking to make sure the company name is the one I want. This can become tedious really fast. Someone mentioned this before but the person never got an official answer. Thanks a lot, Chris
  3. Hi guys, I am playing around with your demo version of the platform and I was wondering if you could add the type of account to the notifications so we know which type of account we are looking at. At the moment, we just have the account number in a form like so : Z38QWX. This is not very helpful if we receive multiple mails/notifications. Also, from my mailbox via your platform, there is not a lot of options when it comes to looking at our mail. Could we at least filter demo mails and delete them ? I don't want to mix up demo mails with real notifications if possible. For the moment, I have to click on each individual mail and archive them. I don't seem to have a way to delete them from your platform. For me, this is really odd and it could force one to not use the demo accounts at all. I really hope you consider my suggestions. Regards, Chris
  4. Hi, I'm an native English speaker living in France and I want to be able to use the platform (website and Mobile app) in English. How do I go about doing this? Other platforms seem allow this with no problem. From what I read, one would have to signup to the page closes to our language but I tried to do this but I got an error saying that I needed to signup to the French version of the site. Thanks a bunch for your help. Chris