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  1. What is the best course of action not to fall foul of HMRC. The inflows to the accounts don't make up the allocated 20K allowance. But a few trades have occurred on one of the older accounts (buy instead of sell) and a couple of the newer share accounts were used instead of the normal money account. What is best to do? I have called the HMRC advice but am not getting any smart advice as to what to do or whether to close the newer accounts. It's (or at least should be) clear that the opening of the accounts isn't to defraud as the inflows across all accounts are less then 20K in total.
  2. I cannot find any way to trade chinese stocks such as BYD. Where can I find the ticker?
  3. I cannot make a trade. Something is seriously wrong with the platform. All buy positions result in the following error message. I have been chasing tech support here and online for almost 1 hour now. This is a simple BUY order. Done this 10,000's of times and been trading for 25 years so no spring chicken. Getting more than frustrated as I am losing positions as the market moves against me.
  4. I have been waiting on the phone x2 for a very very long time to speak to someone...
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