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  1. I can find this ETF in the IG ETF screener but cannot get it up in a search in the platform to trade. It is leveraged 2x the MSCI EAFE index - Equities in developed markets outside of N America Does anyone know if it is available and how I can access it?
  2. Where can I see or take the Customer Knowledge Assessment to allow me to trade leverages ETFs?
  3. Is there some way to filter ETFs to see which ones IG considers "Complex Products"? I can't see anything in the ETF screener. Is there a VIX-related ETF that can be traded in a basic share dealing account without extra authorisations? VIVY?
  4. Are there any VIX related ETFs that people CAN trade without complex products approval? Wanted UVXY but that is not allowed.
  5. Is there some way to filter ETFs to see which ones IG considers "Complex Products"? I can't see anything in the ETF screener.
  6. I have well-established retail account with IG and can trade leveraged ETFs such as UPRO and TMF in both my share dealing and SIP accounts. I recently recommended IG to a friend who has opened an account and completed from W8-BEN but gets a warning message about complex products and cannot buy the leveraged ETFs he wants. What doe he need to do to get authorisation to trade these products? Thanks for any help.
  7. E.g. I want to buy FXI put options, is there some way I can do that rather than spread betting?
  8. Update - found the answer myself: When you transfer funds from your Flexible ISA, you can ‘replace’ it in the same tax year without affecting your total allowance. I did a test transfer out of ISA and back in and it worked OK and didn't affect the annual ISA limit.
  9. I have put funds into my ISA for he 2020/21 tax year but want to trade some assets that are not allowed in the ISA wrapper (US ETFs). Can I move some of the ISA funds into my standard share dealing account for a while then transfer the money back into the ISA later in the same tax year and still retain the tax free status and limit of £20,000 for the year?
  10. FIXED! I have finally been advised that my ISA was reactivated and have been able to transfer the funds into it. I have also had the £24 incorrectly charged on the second share dealing account I didn't even want refunded. It seems the problem was the fact that I had not traded in the ISA account in the previous tax year and IG needed a new ISA form signed to keep the account usable. Maybe proactively advising people that their ISA accounts have been frozen and need a new form signed would be a good idea in future? Anyway, now fixed and even though I have completely missed the 5 April deadline for the last tax year to get the money into my account I have got there in the end and am willing to give IG the benefit of the doubt in these very strange times. :) Good luck to others trying to resolve the same issue and thanks for your feedback - it was reassuring knowing I was not alone!
  11. BUMP - Yet another week and no reply from IG and I still cannot transfer money or get further funds into my ISA - HELP PLEASE! Has anyone else managed to get this working yet?
  12. No reply from IG and I STILL can't transfer the money into the correct ISA account. Is there anyone who can help with this please?
  13. I have sent the ISA form with a wet signature but still no joy in being able to transfer the funds into my ISA. Because of this extended delay I have now missed out on the chance to use my ISA allowance for 2019/20. In the meantime, I have suffered the further indignity of being charged £24 buy IG in the share dealing account where they put my money incorrectly and didn't let me get access to it! Hoping someone will be sensible about this and refund that charge as well as let me transfer my money to the correct ISA account now and maybe be able to make a trade.
  14. My last trade was March 2019, so no trades in the current tax year 6/4/19 to 5/4/20. Do I have to complete an ISA form for every tax year? If so, why is it not just sent to me to do? Bit ironic that I was trying to put money into the ISA for 2019/20 tax year so I COULD do a trade and have been stopped from doing so by IG systems! If it does need a new ISA form, where do I get it - who do I need to email or is it online somewhere and can you confirm where I send it to? Or maybe attach it here so others can get at it as well. Thanks, Keith
  15. PS - have been trying to use the transfer facility every day and it is still saying it is not available "at this time".
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