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  1. Hi jlz, thank you very much for your reply. Your info was greatly appreciated! Chris
  2. Hi Forum, noob here. I use another large trading platform to monitor indices in a short list, but would like to use IG instead. I am confused by the naming conventions from one platform to the other. The indices I follow are: DJI (Dow Jones Industrial Average) SPX (S&P500) IXIC (Nasdaq ?) XAO (All ords (ASX)) May I ask what the equiv markets are in IG and can they all be viewed in a list? Many thanks, Chris
  3. Hi Chargrill and many thanks for your reply Yes, thats why I was wondering about the price disparity between the 2, so was beginning to think they were two different things. Amazingly I have posted this question at quite a few different finance forums, and as it required a relatively simple yes or no answer, not one person replied, except your good self, of course. So I can safely assume there is no ASX200 listing on IG 🙂 Happy trading, and keep safe!! Cheers Chris
  4. Hello, bit of a noob to IG and trading generally. I just wanted to know if the AUS200 is the same as the ASX200, as the rates appear not to correlate with each other. I have asked on a few finance forums, and never received an answer. Where do I find the ASX200 in IG? Many thanks, Chris Morgan
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