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  1. Hi does anybody know if there are any terms and conditions specific to the use of the Rest API? In particular is it within the terms and conditions for me to use a third party application to open and manage trades on my account via the Rest and Streaming APIs
  2. Does anybody know at what time of day the OPEC meetings generally conclude? there is one this coming Wednesday,
  3. Most grateful, thanks. I was using the Excel API demo, and it does not find them.
  4. haha . no never tenacity is my middle name My guess is some key resource was depleted by the number of concurrent connections.
  5. Have you noticed today that you can only have one device open at a time? for example if I log in on the phone app it logs me out on my MacBook browser, this is a reasonable thing I think and will presumably reduce the number of concurrent connections to the IG servers, this action alone, is enough to conclude that the outsages were indeed related to system overload at least in large part.
  6. Does anybody know why it is not possible to acquire Epics does shares? I want to find the Epic for Tesla Motors Inc for example but only Option Epics are available.
  7. as has been said elsewhere in this thread, seems likely they are taking on many new clients and not improving the infrastructure pro-rata.
  8. I 100% agree. Thanks for your detailed responses.
  9. I still favour a technical problem over IG faining technical problems to cover something up, maybe there is a common infrastructure for liquidity provision that could have failed somehow ?
  10. Is it likely in your view that a broker would fain loggin and platform issues general if it had insufficient liquidity ?
  11. Can we find out if there are common liquidity providers to these brokers ?
  12. I would also prefer to hear from the horses mouth I have a email into my account manager, hopefully that will shed some light. I don't think I'm overly IT centric, I ran a number of businesses and operated in multiple roles, but I've seen a lot of system problems and bugs over the years and this to me looks like an overload, maybe an excessive amount of users or potentially a DDoS attack. As you say IG can increase margin requirements in a response to volatility, they don't need to play bogus system error games, in my view, as downtime is extremely damaging to their reputation.
  13. It is also possible that some brokers are being subjected to DDoS attacks at around the time of the NY open
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