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  1. Note that the published limits are for LIVE only. The limits in DEMO can be less, and are subject to change at any time with no notice.
  2. You don't need a calculator, the IG web interface tells you everything you need to know. For any spread bet, before you actually press the Place Deal button, the interface shows you what the margin of your proposed bet would be. For example: This shows that if I were to make a bet of £1 per point selling the Dow at 38300, the margin would be £1914.87. That amount is less than my available balance of £41k, so the bet would be accepted. Conversely In this case I want to make the same bet, but at £100 per point. The margin would be £191k, which is way too much compared to what I have available. If I pressed the Place Deal button here, I'd see the same error message about insufficient balance that you saw. Different markets have different margin rates. You can see the margin rate for a market by clicking on the Info tab It also shows how the margin amount is calculated, and a potential way to reduce it using guaranteed stops. There is more information here: https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/margin/what-is-leverage-and-margin
  3. Please can someone from IG forward this to the correct team? So that the page is updated with the correct version info?
  4. I agree the docs could be better. There are decent docs and code examples associated with this project https://github.com/ig-python/trading-ig BUT - they are all Python specific. (I'm the maintainer)
  5. According to this page, 5.0.3 is correct https://labs.ig.com/lightstreamer-downloads IG has server version 7.3.3. Have you got the demo app working?
  6. 1. Not exactly, there re other non leveraged account types too, see here https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/accounts-and-statements/my-accounts/what-account-type-does-ig-offer 2. Yes
  7. Yes https://www.ig.com/uk/trading-platforms/dma-trading/what-is-dma-in-trading
  8. https://labs.ig.com/rest-trading-api-reference/service-detail?id=669
  9. The IG API does not support equity dealing or price history at all. The IG API can be used to trade spread bets (or CFDs) on equities, indices, FX, commodities, bonds, rates VIX etc. Its important to understand the difference. The error you are seeing is misleading. It seems that in certain cases you can use the API to trade a market, but historic price data is not available for that same market. I came across the same error message when trying to get historic prices for a dated spread bet on the VIX. When queried with support, the response was not very clear. Reading between the lines, my interpretation was that IG's licence for the historic price data does not allow IG to pass it on to us via the API. Regarding your project to "scan a whole market" - can I offer a suggestion? A would find another way to get historic prices. The IG API is not a good resource for this sort of thing. You are limited to 10,000 data points of historic prices per week. I would imagine you would need at least hourly data for your price scanner. So, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 200 shares in the ASX, 500 in the S&P, 100 in the FTSE, and 2000 in the Russell. You're going to be about 100,000 datapoints short, every week. Even daily prices is too many
  10. The way you do it is to create a POST, and a header named "_method" with value "DELETE"
  11. Sounds similar to this issue: https://community.ig.com/forums/topic/24800-demo-account-position-closed-at-a-non-existing-price/
  12. That shows the account that is logged into the REST API companion. What is important is the credentials you are using in the trading-ig library. Check the file trading_ig_config.py in your project, and make sure it is using the correct account details
  13. @BCC are you logging in to a Spread bet or CFD demo account? To stream a CFD epic, you will need to log in with a CFD account. User name, password and API key will be the same as with a spreadbet account - but account ID will be different. Its the 'acc-number' param in trading-ig. The sample works fine for me with the epic IX.D.NASDAQ.IFD.IP in a CFD demo account, but fails like your snippet when logged into a spread bet account
  14. Ask a question here: https://github.com/Lightstreamer/Lightstreamer-lib-client-haxe/issues The Lightstreamer guys are really helpful in my experience
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