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  1. Hi all, I'm not sure if I'm missing something simple somewhere, but I was wondering if it was possible to turn off the notification that IG Live is 'on air now'? I ask as I use a single chart filling the window with the deal/order/alert section open on the right (I have the notifications bar closed). When the 'IG Live is on air now' notification pops up, it completely covers the Sell/Buy prices on the deal/order/alert section on the right of my chart. The notification remains for several seconds and whilst it's possible to close it by clicking the X, it can be quite distracting when watching the Sell/Buy prices (or trying to select to Sell or Buy) - especially as it reappears several times during the broadcast. Many thanks.
  2. Hi Tim, Thanks for coming back. Clearing the cache unfortunately didn't change anything, but it did give me some ideas, thanks. I tried the platform in Firefox and it loaded fine - and as the platform loaded, it started a 'walk-through' of the new platform. As this walk-through doesn't start when I use it in Chrome, I guessed it was probably triggered by a cookie setting somewhere. Clearing all of the IG.com-related cookies within Chrome has now allowed the site to load correctly again. I guess I had an old/corrupt cookie there somewhere. Thanks again for your help. Dean
  3. Hi again, Just to add to this, I've managed to grab a screenshot of the error that flashes up before it logs me out (I'm not sure how to post it here), but the new platform appears to load, chart appears, prices etc. and then immediately clears to show a white box in the middle of the page: [iG logo] Unauthorized access We have been unable to log you in on this attempt. Please try again. Visit ig.com It then (today) drops me back to My IG, rather than the login screen it was showing yesterday. The old platform is running fine again today. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, I've been using the new platform successfully for some time, but today whenever I click to 'Open new platform' from within My IG, the new page loads for a few seconds and then immediately drops me back to the Login screen (Live prices on the left, login on the right). I did once see a box flash up in the middle saying I was 'not authorised to use this', but that disappeared too quickly to read it all. I'm using Chrome (version 54.0.2840.71 64-bit) on Linux if that helps. I've tried restarting the browser, rebooting etc. Any ideas what might be causing this today? The old platform works fine. Thanks
  5. Hi Raoul, The new platform is great - it feels really slick and keeps everything tidy and uncluttered. And it's so much quicker (and simpler) to load charts, tickets etc. than the earlier platform. A quick question though: almost at random it will drop me back to the 'login' screen. It doesn't matter if I have left it alone or have been working on something. To get back in, I need to click 'Open new platform' again from the My IG dashboard (it hasn't completely logged me out of my account, just dropped me back to the external 'flashing prices' login page). Not a big problem, as it loads again quickly, but can delay things slightly if you're about to open/close a trade. It'll also be great when we can automatically sign into the new platform (i.e. selecting it as an option within the My IG 'Platform preference'). Thanks to all the team. Dean