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  1. Hello Folks I'm a total newbie here and as an investor... I know that right now is quite a volatile time for investments and having a crystal ball would be useful but I don't have one and unless someone has one I can borrow than I'm going to need some pointers. My old man (Been an armchair trader for years and does ok) has been giving me bits of advice, I'm looking at long term investments for now but happy to learn about short term trading too. I've opened an ISA and have funds in there. I guess my question is, does anyone have any advice for a brand new investor in what to do?? My old man says look at companies with a good market share and that pay dividends. But then he's also just bought 5 guitars because he's learning to play guitar (Apparently going to sell some to pay of others). I am only just getting my head around how things work and undoubtably will mess up but if anyone has any advice, help, suggestions or experiences that might help it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers