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  1. For my own trading, I look for statistically unlikely events with both pricing (fundamental & technical) disparities and look for a strategy to profit from this. An example of this would be the night of the Brexit vote. I observed that the pound was overpriced (above it's fundamental and technical valuations). I reasoned that if the UK stayed in the EU (which was at that point the most likely outcome), the pound would return to it's pre vote state. In this instance, by shorting the pound, I would have profited on either outcome of the events. A recent example would be a break out
  2. I observed early in my trading career that by the time news has reached you, it is history and has already been factored into the price of the respective instrument. I feel that looking for fundamental & technical indicators to find confluence of a strategy and/or domain/technical knowledge has offered better results. Hope this helps. No advice implied nor given and all that jazz.
  3. Not a professional trader, suggestions only provided, no advice given/implied, no liability accepted and all that jazz. Set stop loss at a reasonable level to reduce margin requirements. Trade in hours to reduce spread and margin requirements. Margin requirements vary based on volatility. Insufficient funds - look at the premium required at the base of the deal ticket. Hope this helps.
  4. Really enjoying the trade analytics beta ... Would really like to see contemporary portfolio measures added (CAPM, etc).
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