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  1. Just managed to figure it out- thank you so much for your help. Much appreciated. As you can probably tell, I joined recently too , happy trading.
  2. I believe you are referring to the old platform, if so yes i noticed it's there but % option is not available in new platform.
  3. Is it possible to add more data points in 'positions' tab like %? If one has multiple position opens , it can be quite confusing to understand P&L position by just looking at $ value specially if market is changing so much. So if user can have % P&L next to Profit & Loss column it will help them understand the true gainers and drainers. Regards, VK
  4. Vanguard S&P 500 ETF Hi. I am unable to buy above fund through ISA account - it says 'instrument not tax wrapper enabled' ? This has happened for several different funds. Please can you advise? Regards,
  5. How can I open ISA 20/21 account? I already have ISA 19/20 Trading account with IG.
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