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  1. Attached is an example. Look at the current price and the error. It is so frustrating.
  2. I tried to take a sell trade on USDCHF on 5th June, however, the system was kept asking me to place S/L 1916 points away from the current price. Is this a system glitch? Can anyone explain why this has happened and advise on how to fix this? I have also noticed that I cannot take trade with close SL or TP, Is there any solution? Thanks,
  3. Thanks mate. It works. I tried it with "Previous Indicators data" yesterday and it didn't work. Silly mistake.
  4. But I was able to add MA to the default RSI last month on the same IG MT4 platform, and now I cannot perform these after re-installation. Who is responsible to fix this issue? IG or MT?
  5. Hi Everyone, I am using MT4 platform. I want to add MA (Moving Average) indicator in RSI window, for some reason, it is not taking in RSI window, but the main chart. I was using 3 different MA indicators in RSI window before. But then I had to re-install MT4 due to an error. Since then I cannot add MA indicator in RSI window. Can anyone please advise how to fix this? It is so frustrating when you use MT4 and you know there is an advanced version available MT5 in the market, but cannot use it on IG.
  6. Thanks, I will google it. The problem is that even IG PRT (which is a very nice platform) is not providing this indicator settings. I cannot wait for IG to provide MT5.
  7. Hello everyone, I am practicing on MT5 where I can use TEMA (Triple EMA) indicator with negative horizontal shift (i.e. -2 or -3). Attached is an example. However, I cannot use the same indicator setting on IG MT4 or PRT. Can anyone advise how I can fix this or any alternative solution? Thanks
  8. I have the same question. We are in May 2020 now. Did you get charge for using Demo PRT platform?
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