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  1. I'm looking at a new investment strategy for part of my spread-bet portfolio, but I need to better understand some cost elements to calculate if it meets my objectives, can anyone help me on these three questions 1) If I go long on US ETF symbols using my spread-bet account, how do I exactly calculate my overnight holding costs, what is the formula and variables to be able to calculate it to the penny? 2) When these US ETF's pay dividends, do I receive the full published dividend into my spread-bet account? If I don't receive the full published dividend, how do I calculate what dividend payment I will receive, what is the formula and variables to be able to again calculate it to the penny? 3) Does the answer to the above two questions change if it is UK, HK, German or Japanese ETF's/Equities or is it identical? Can anyone help
  2. Almost certainly it means you have locked your password by your system entering it incorrectly too many times. If it's on the live account, you can reset your password in the normal way, if it's on the demo account you are having the issue then you have to stop your system trying to log in, then ask IG to unlock your account, then if you don't remember the password, set a new one in the API settings.
  3. Maybe I'm just being stupid and missing something, but I am unable to find the EPICs for API trading equities of Japan, Australia and Spain, even though I can trade them manually on the platform. I can find EPICS for all the other countries I can trade using the IG API companion, but not these three, they don't appear in the hierarchy at all? Anyone know something about it?
  4. Thanks for your message. I had to go to IG support in the end, there is no way to unlock or reset a demo account password by self service like you can a live account, but yes IG unlocked the account for me and I was able to get back to development. Would be great in future if they can introduce a 'reset password' function for demo accounts also, to allow self service and take strain off their customer support.
  5. I forgot my IG account password yesterday, blocked the account, but seemed easily fixed, they emailed me a reset password link, I changed password and thought issue solved. Today however my access to my demo account API is blocked with the message error.security.client-suspended I have tried setting a new API password for my demo account, doesn't help. I've tried setting up a new API key for my demo account, also doesn't help. Is there some other way to unblock my demo account API access?
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