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  1. @CharlotteIG this is my statement from last month. Yet, on the 1st of May I got charged £20 total on two trades I made (both US listed). I would like to know if this is a technical issue or I am missing something. A friend of mine, also IG user, made very similar trades both in quantity and type of shares, but he didn't get charge commissions the following month. He didn't get charge for both opening and closing a position. It would be appreciated if IG support can clarify what is going on. Thanks
  2. Thank you for replying @CharlotteIG The support team got back to me this morning and said that I only traded 2 times in April. I replied with my statement attached which shows that I traded 6 times in April. Could it be that ADR stocks are not considered US shares? If that's the case, is it written anywhere in the terms and conditions? Thanks
  3. Does the commission offer (if you trade 3 or more times US stocks in a month, following month you don't pay £10 commissions) apply to ADR stocks? If it doesn't apply, is it written anywhere on IG terms and conditions?
  4. Hello, I am wondering why I still get charged £10 on US shares even though I traded over 3 times the previous month. This puts me off from opening new trades. Can anybody shed some lights? How do we get the refund?
  5. I have had the same problem. I have been charged even though I have made over 3 trades in the previous month. Can IG support explain?
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