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  1. The hotline not trying handle a false transaction. I order price buy at $17,65 the system buy in at $18.93 When I calling hotline complaining they kept me music or silent not saying anything regarding my complaints Hotline people bad manner put me to music for an hour and not help me cancel that false order
  2. This platform so bad. Never had anyone answered the calls and now systems has big problems
  3. Althought can see now already too late. 2 Hk Shares couldn't amend closing position and 1 Australia shares cannot sell becux after 4pm trading time . Compensate my money or go ASIC sue you
  4. It's too late. I can see positions now but already miss the trading hour after 4pm in Australia market. FXXX. Sxx!!!!
  5. They hang up all calls immediately. I worried my money in my account
  6. That's Fxxx. 2 deals forced to close because I cannot amend the closing position. Lost $1000 on that. If I could amend the closing position I wouldn't happen
  7. I also cannot see there 30 positions in my account. I want do trading now disappear all positions.
  8. I want to buy CFD shares, when I placed order they rejected it and comes out message Controlled risk stop must be increments. The maximum controlled risk stop size is at one level=$200 . The minimum control risk spacing is 27 points. Then I kept tried all different level All Failed Why Why Why. Made me cannot buy that shares and that shares price goes up.
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