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  1. So I start with new topic. I believe here is plenty of us affected., I was adding my comments to a topic -IG has shown it's true colours and is restricting BUYING of AMC and GME- if you want to have look on. I think my commenta are on 7th page. Please share tour thoughts here. I personally filled the complaint to IG,, Now they ignoring my calls and emails, so I contacted ombudsman already. I contacted press, wrote emails to rishi sunak office and b.johnson office, as I believe IG is commiting fraud by deliberately delisting companies and so closing our positions., I also filled report actionfraud.police.uk ., I would like to contact some good lawyer meanwhile,, and should be more of us, better.
  2. Spread betting is designed for short period?, This is a huge lie,, I was buying and selling AMC since 2014,, then I decided not to sell just hold., However there are contracted positions, some until May, some until September and so on., My positions are contracted as DFB, deffo not short period., Frustration?, Not really., This is not about to be frustrated because something is not going as I wish., This is about IG forcing us to close our positions before the contracted date., And here, They forcing me/ us into financial loss., I am willing to leave my positions open until last dealing date and if until then share price doesnt move up, Ok, my fault.,
  3. Who said I am not happy with stock?, I am and thats why I was buying in and opened many position., IG allowed me to do that, now they want to close my positions. I would prefer my positions to be open until Last Dealing date 06/04/2029 and if share price is not moving up or above my average, fair enough I did take that risk and I am happy to accept the loss., But there was never mentioned Risk that IG can force close my positions, just because they make decision., Doing this, They causing me financial loss, and thats why they should compensate not only loss but also all commissions I paid over the years to keep my positions.,
  4. Caseynotes,, Ok, thank you., I have time so will do., Once IG will force close my or ours existing positions (despite there is guaranteed Expiry date/Last dealing date in my case 06/04/2029) I will just find another broker., No point to stay with them., Not giving them another chance to steal my money just because those dildos in IG changing t&c or changing their mind.
  5. MCG ,, I can see one muppet here and thats you., Spread bet,, if you open position contracted until September and IG decide to delist that company prior September, They should refund you with all commission you paid and also close your positions only at sp when you opened the position. It is they own negligance they made decision like this and trader should not be financially affected., Otherwise is very suspicious why they are doing those steps that are harming traders.
  6. Caseynotes,,, Thanks,, Yes I know,, I exchanged emails with IG, basically I complained to them., IG replied to me with same nonsense and my last email they just ignored so I have no other option than to solve this with authorities and ombudsman., IG is a joke, IG is manipulating with our money and they should be prosecuted.
  7. Reageding “delisting” companies off spread share platform and forcing us to close our opened positions, otherwise IG would Force Close all positions, I wrote email to most UK press, contacted met.police as I believe IG is commiting Fraud, I also wrote emails to Prime Minister, and taking advixe from you guys I am going to report it to financial ombudsman., This Illegal action cannot be unpunished
  8. iguser3 what they do now is that they are threatening us they will Force Close our positions (AMC) by next monday 29th of March
  9. IG is not only restricting further purchases but they want to Force Close all existing positions of AMC and other companies. Despite me/we had positions opened for years and kept paying daily commisions. No legal ground to do this. DayLight Robbery.
  10. Hi,, 100% margin is not realy issue,, issue is that IG is requesting us to close our existing positions (And to lose our money/investments) and in case we will not they threatening us they will Force Close our positions.,
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