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  1. I have some options that I received for nothing as part of a share purchase plan. I wish to exercise them at the agreed price of AUD 45cents (AUD 0.45). The original price of each option was 4.5 cents which is exactly one tenth of the exercise or strike price (not sure why it's exactly a tenth, but maybe someone can explain that as well). Anyway, the shares have performed well and the options have obviously followed suit and have increased in value. However, because I got them for nothing, I'd like to exercise them for the equivalent number of shares at 45 cents per share which is what was agreed in the share purchase plan. The options expire in Jan 2022. I've emailed the IG help desk and they say that I need to email them to exercise the options because I can't exercise the options online. However, I'm not sure whether I just email the help desk or some other email address and also I don't know how to word the email. I just want to avoid any confusion so I'm hoping that someone can explain exactly how I should word the email. I would like to exercise all of the options at the 45 cents per share. Please assist.
  2. Er.....I owe IG an apology....I actually got a reply to the email and missed it. Sorry IG, I take back everything I said....although I did have to wait a long time on the phone.....but you're nowhere near as bad as I thought, so I'm sorry
  3. I am appalled at the total lack of customer service at IG. I am in Australia and I tried to phone the help line twice. Each time I waited for nearly half an hour each time without being able to talk to anyone. I've also sent an email to helpdesk.au@ig.com back on Aug 6th and am still waiting for a reply. Now I'm trying Live Chat and so far all the chat box says is "One of our experts will be with you shortly", which I believe are the exact words used on the recorded message when I tried calling on the phone. Unfortunately, it appears that my definition of "shortly" differs a lot from IG's. I'm just curious as to whether anyone else has had similar experiences. It actually feels as if no-one works for IG at all and I will be waiting forever to get some assistance. Surely there's someone from IG out there who is willing to help an Australian in desperate need 😞 This really isn't good enough. The only thing keeping me here are the amazingly low brokerage fees, but soon I will come to the conclusion that I would rather pay slightly higher fees and get some service, as opposed to...........omg, someone is now talking to me on live chat....it's a miracle!!!!!
  4. I have a number of Weebit Nano options that I received free as part of a share purchase plan. I have no idea how to exercise the options to buy the full shares. Could someone help me with this please
  5. It's all good now. Started working. Cheers anyway
  6. Hi I've been with IG for about three months now. I've never had trouble depositing funds, but today when I tried, all I got was a blank screen next to the menu. I know I hadn't had my account verified, which I've now done. Could this be the reason I can't deposit? Peter (prawnpack)