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  1. Ah, so that could be why it the positions closed or orders simply vanished. In that case, I think the action and transaction history should track these system Net-off or Force open orders / deals as well - do you know if this is recorded or can be shown as well? I do remember having some opposite running trade positions running before on the same FX market - its just that some of the pair markets are quite iffy on the GS orders. I still don't get why my original issue occurred - I had no further activity apart from increasing my stop-loss margin (taking more risk) and syste
  2. I should probably write in to pressure their response too. I suspect its something to do with the Guaranteed Stop system, the normal Stop-loss / Limit seems to play according to at least the slippage rules. My conspiracy-theory is that IG probably wants us to use their new K.O. order system. But I'm averse to that - if your risk is your margin, I have an inkling the propensity to lose that margin is much higher and I'm not even sure how to hedge that. Yes, similar thing happened to me on 8 Apr '20, you can check out my previous post - https://community.ig.com/forums/t
  3. That's what I was trying to do too - I'm glad I'm not alone. That said, dang that is an insane min. stop distance for the DAX. But I noticed that quite a bit on especially on trade with noticeably lesser volatility, like the CHF/JPY, MSDR is I believe 233 bps, which makes my TP of 30 - 50 pts always a risk/profit 4:1 most of the time. Insane margins. It is not very algo friendly if the Guaranteed Stop isn't exactly Guaranteed even after their 3 bps premium - I mean my experience was way too extreme. Thanks for sharing. "...when ever the system tried to move the stop because
  4. I don't get whats with the IG platform nowadays, I faced a similar issue a week ago on the 8th Apr '20. Can someone please explain why a +5 CHF/JPY @111.510 open position might close at 111.05, when I had already set the Guaranteed Stop-loss at 109.01. Moreover, the stop-loss min. is 223 bps, so I don't really understand how the position was closed by the system automatically. Even with 30% slippage, this would result in paring back to roughly 175 bps and that should bring that stop-loss in at 109.76 The following illustrates when I check back on my Transaction and
  5. I was playing with my demo account earlier today at about 12.30pm, placing a hedging bet on the AUD/SGD market. Checking in at 22.00pm, I find that the order had closed at the level of the hedge +1 @0.879 level! to my surprise the hedging order that I place had disappeared! (refer back to my first image, it is Good-till 9 Apr '20 10.00AM!) In any case, I check my Activity and Transaction history and to my shock, it seems to have disappeared without a trace, but the history does show my order created at 11.54am The yel
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