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  1. Ah, so that could be why it the positions closed or orders simply vanished. In that case, I think the action and transaction history should track these system Net-off or Force open orders / deals as well - do you know if this is recorded or can be shown as well? I do remember having some opposite running trade positions running before on the same FX market - its just that some of the pair markets are quite iffy on the GS orders. I still don't get why my original issue occurred - I had no further activity apart from increasing my stop-loss margin (taking more risk) and system suddenly decided to terminate the position. Even if there was an adjustment to the GS min. I think it was way too much to suddenly cut-off existing positions. But I still think the most bizarre occurrence was when GS. limit orders opened at the current price levels 40bps away from the indicated price levels and then immediately debugged, closing it off. Some kind of reverse-slippage.
  2. I should probably write in to pressure their response too. I suspect its something to do with the Guaranteed Stop system, the normal Stop-loss / Limit seems to play according to at least the slippage rules. My conspiracy-theory is that IG probably wants us to use their new K.O. order system. But I'm averse to that - if your risk is your margin, I have an inkling the propensity to lose that margin is much higher and I'm not even sure how to hedge that. Yes, similar thing happened to me on 8 Apr '20, you can check out my previous post - https://community.ig.com/forums/topic/9480-disappearing-audsgd-order/ In my experience, the valid hedge G.S. order had mysteriously disappeared, when the open position hit the TL mark. Perhaps you should check your transaction vs your activity history. I think the moral of the story here seems to keep as little positions open as possible, and if you do, you have to be extra cautious in placing a subsequent ORDER or DEAL in any market you have an existing open position on. This can't possibly be good if you want to test a new strat or trying to properly develop an algo for this. BG / S'pore
  3. That's what I was trying to do too - I'm glad I'm not alone. That said, dang that is an insane min. stop distance for the DAX. But I noticed that quite a bit on especially on trade with noticeably lesser volatility, like the CHF/JPY, MSDR is I believe 233 bps, which makes my TP of 30 - 50 pts always a risk/profit 4:1 most of the time. Insane margins. It is not very algo friendly if the Guaranteed Stop isn't exactly Guaranteed even after their 3 bps premium - I mean my experience was way too extreme. Thanks for sharing. "...when ever the system tried to move the stop because a guaranteed stop cant be moved..." I think you might have a clue there - as in it has to do with some system bug. I played with it yesterday and true enough there was some bizarre Opening and closing of positions from my deliberate attempt at placing a deal and order consecutively. My past activity shows a deliberate Limit order placement followed by a deal open, however the open and close of the Order by the system was not captured neither was the closure of the 2nd deal. The Guaranteed level 111.395 is quite clear with stop 250 bps away, yet - somehow the opening was at 111.745, 111.745 respectively. Below you can see that somehow, on the same day 20 Apr '20, the DEAL was made at 40 over bps away. So maybe, the System could've just simply executed the order at the current market level (mistaking for the Opening price) and just closed off immediately because having checked back the actual Guaranteed Limit order level, realised it does not tally and closed off the anomaly. AND that testing just costed me some SGD70 - I just don't get it. - BG / S'pore
  4. I don't get whats with the IG platform nowadays, I faced a similar issue a week ago on the 8th Apr '20. Can someone please explain why a +5 CHF/JPY @111.510 open position might close at 111.05, when I had already set the Guaranteed Stop-loss at 109.01. Moreover, the stop-loss min. is 223 bps, so I don't really understand how the position was closed by the system automatically. Even with 30% slippage, this would result in paring back to roughly 175 bps and that should bring that stop-loss in at 109.76 The following illustrates when I check back on my Transaction and Activity history. Transaction history shows Closing at 111.005 Activity History shows that I had specifically amended the Guaranteed Stop-loss at 109.01 The below shows an example IF I had accidentally or purposefully executed the closing myself. In the case below, I had closed a position on my Smartphone. Starting to lose confidence in the integrity of the IG platform.
  5. I was playing with my demo account earlier today at about 12.30pm, placing a hedging bet on the AUD/SGD market. Checking in at 22.00pm, I find that the order had closed at the level of the hedge +1 @0.879 level! to my surprise the hedging order that I place had disappeared! (refer back to my first image, it is Good-till 9 Apr '20 10.00AM!) In any case, I check my Activity and Transaction history and to my shock, it seems to have disappeared without a trace, but the history does show my order created at 11.54am The yellow box is an example to show if I had deleted the order. The transaction history does not even show the closing of the +1 position opening at the 0.879 level which the -1 short contract closed at! I am pretty surprised that the order had just disappeared without a trace, can someone from IG please explain? Has anyone also experienced a similar case? Pretty bummed that I lost out seeing AUD/SGD rallying beyond 0.880 at this moment. Any replies appreciated!