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  1. I feel your pain ST - I still have to add my own pivots and PRT never saves the manual market hours I select either. It's so annoying inputting them each morning. I also worry how valid the data will be when the clocks change after the summer. IG - recently I queried a spike on the FTSE and some slippage I received. Everything was ok and you guys proved the market did indeed slip 8 points by showing me a FTSE 100 Cash chart. Is it possible to have access to these charts? This is the data we need - not some made-up-out-of-hours-algo data.
  2. Any chance of developing scaling out limit orders? City Index offer this service and its very useful. With IG you can scale out but I have to do it manually rather than via an automatic order.
  3.  Hey Tim, I've downloaded PRT and am really pleased with it, especially nominating trading hours on the Dow and FTSE. One thing though...how can I set up a shortcut from my desktop? or do i have to launch it each time from the platform? thanks
  4. Can IG provide cash charts for indices or even just the FTSE100? The reason I ask is because I have to look at historical support and resistance points on cash FTSE 100 charts at Investing.com rather than IG’s 24 hour charts. I can look back at IG’s charts, however I have to ignore out-of-hours data which is awkward and less than ideal. Support and resistance levels are only relevant from 8am to 4:30pm when the real market is open. Proper traders and funds with the power to move the market are only looking at cash charts and not on 24 hours spreadbet charts in which the data is effectively made up out-of-hours. On a similar topic, is it possible to have pivot points based on cash prices rather than 24 hour-made-up data? Every morning I have to go to livecharts.com and manually plot the cash pivots onto my charts rather than use IG’s 24 hours ones. This is most evident on Mondays when IG use pivots from Sunday trading when the market only moves a few points meaning the pivots are right next to each other rending them completely useless. Thanks Dan
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